Companies won bid to supply coal to cement factories
Builders are negotiating prices with Cemex
Figures for January-July 2017
Builders remain displeased, demand lower prices
Prices rose for both bulk and bagged cement
Company abandons its earlier forecast of a single-digit growth
Factory may have to face local opposition
United States surpass Syria as main buyer of Turkish cement
SsangYong, Hanil, and Asia Cement improved their results
Both countries suffer from overcapacity but Belarusian producers have an advantage
Peak demand to give further boost on prices
Line will be financed by debt, internal accrue, and right issue
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
The company will be part of the construction of the new cement plant in the…
Compas operates cement and coal terminals
Larger players opt for brownfield expansion
Company still registered a lower margin
High demand from construction puts prices under pressure
Factory will be a partnership between Danake Corporation and Gejuba Shieli Cement

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Company has new president, vice-president, and directors
Full capacity is not reached due to lack of fuel
Egyptian firm penalized by higher production costs
Power costs responsible for lower performance
Shipment arrived to Bristol in early August
Historic high seen during the month of July 2017
Company wants to reduce dependence on natural gas
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
Gray and steel cement are expected to be used in the first half of this…
Announcement made by Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Oil
Figures for the first half of 2017
Lower private and public investment continues to push down cement demand
Unit will power the company's cement plant in the country
Cement company also improved its revenue during the quarter
Exports are seldom enough to resolve the problem
Several new production units already announced
Company wants to streamline cement deliveries with bulk option
Projects were announced by Northern Cement Corporation
New companies gain terrain as Bamburi's market share falls
Project belongs to CBI Ghana, LafargeHolcim's affiliated
Construction sector may bypass cement price hike
Figures for the first five months of 2017
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
First authorization came from the Queensland government
The Indian company has delivered a consistent performance on the volume front
As of Thursday, the cement companies have stabilized the market
The launch of the renewed plant was planned for August 11th
Najran Cement Company incurred a net loss for Q2 2017
On August 8th, both companies signed an agreement
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