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Apr 2017
Coking coal prices come down fast

Price correct themselves after the impact of cyclone Debbie


Apr 2017
Algeria to export cement in 2018

Statement from Adbesslem Bouchoraeb, Minister of Industry


Apr 2017
Baghrean cement factory progresses towards full capacity

The plant is located in South Khorasan, Iran


Apr 2017
Bahrain faces cement shortage

Private and public projects have already been affected


Apr 2017
BBMG to benefit from the Xiong'an New Area

Investors are paying close attention to the cement producer from the Hebei province


Apr 2017
BBMG asks for cautious optimism with Xiong'an New District

The company's production is focused in Hebei, the province where Xiong'an is located


Apr 2017
Algeria to maintain licensing of imports in spite of EU eal

Cement imports to the country face a licensing process


Apr 2017
Lafarge Zimbabwe hopes to profit on infrastructure

Construction in Zimbabwe slowed down due to heavy rain


Mar 2017
CW Research: Growth outlook for world cement slides on Chinese weak demand

Global cement consumption is projected to average around two percent per year from 2016 to 2021. 


Mar 2017
Cement prices surge in Côte d'Ivoire

Hike was caused by a temporary shortage


Mar 2017
Altai Cement was deprived from electricity supply

Utility firm Altaykrayenergo claims unpaid debt to justify action

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