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The company's railway was shelled by artillery

Figures for the month of July

Production increased both on a yearly and on a monthly base

Coal miners in Russia want more access to the Asia-Pacific market

Demand is increasing for both thermal and coking coal


26 August 2016

Coking coal prices soar in the spot market

Commodity sees the largest gains in five years

26 August 2016

Several Coal India projects suffering delays

Land acquisition, forestry clearance are the biggest obstacle for most of the delayed mines

26 August 2016

Coal India prepares large investment during 2016-17

The company wants grow above the two-digit margin for the next few years

26 August 2016

Coal "refinering" technology presented in Australia

The technology is seen with much skepticism

26 August 2016

South32 advances expansion projects in South Africa

The company wants to expand the Klipspruit and Khutala mines

26 August 2016

Coal retreats from UK energy mix

Natural gas already accounts for more than half of the electricity generation

26 August 2016

Coal output growth expected in Russia

The Ministry of Energy continues confident on an healthy growth

Mercator to leave the coal-trading sector
The company owns mines in Indonesia and Mozambique
24 Aug
Morgan Stanley, GE give good signs to coal sector
The two companies brought good news to the second in two different contexts
25 Aug
Coking coal prices make large gains
Production setbacks in several countries are driving prices up
24 Aug
Prices for thermal coal remain stable in the US
Rising temperatures may push prices up in the coming weeks
24 Aug
New mine planned in South Burnett, Queensland
The mine was proposed by Moreton Resources
24 Aug
Indian Railways makes changes to coal freight rates
Shorter distances will become more expensive
24 Aug
Baltic Index increased
Rebound seen likely as Index pushes to hit 700 points.
25 Aug
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