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Prices of fossil fuels fell across the board

The commodity accounts for the majority of the country's power basket

Prices have come up sharply thanks to Chinese cuts on production

Chinese stockpiles increase to highest volume since February 2015

Forecasts for full-year 2016


24 January 2017

India increase taxes on imports

The move may increase burden for importers of cargos

24 January 2017

Russian seaport record better turnover

The turnover of liquid cargo increases

24 January 2017

Poland: PGG ends December 2016 with net profit

The company had three consecutive months of profit

24 January 2017

Serbia: CMEC expands the Drmno coal mine

New production will supply a new coal-fired power unit

24 January 2017

Pacific American coal appoints new managing director

Mark Lochtenberg will be responsible for developing the Elko coking coal project

24 January 2017

Atrum Coal NL changes denomination

The company is now Atrum Coal Limited

24 January 2017

Poland: Prairie gets new result from drilling in Dabiensko coal project

The mine contains hard coking coal with international benchmark quality

13 states to sue the US federal gov't over new coal regulation
The states want to revoke the Stream Protection Rule
23 Jan
Coking coal prices continue to decline, January 20
Prices have come down sharply since the beginning of the year
23 Jan
Coal prices in the US, week January 19
Powder River Basin coal makes strong recovery
23 Jan
India increase taxes on imports
The move may increase burden for importers of cargos
24 Jan
South Africa: Resgen reviews reserve estimated for Boikarabelo
Estimated resources in the mine increased in the new review
23 Jan
Russia: Vorkutaugol produces less coal in 2016
The company had to deal with a major accident in the Sveriaya mine
23 Jan
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