Bangladesh cement market report

A comprehensive review of the dynamic cement market in Bangladesh.

This CW Group cement market industry study covers cement volume trends in detail, analyzing trade flows, historical cement demand and production, the competitive landscape as well as demand drivers, including macro economic and construction sector dynamics, for the country. The research report is grounded in a regional cement market context perspective and provides a demand forecast through 2019.


Principal Contents

Executive summary 004

Economic backdrop 006

Figure: Economy and population 008

Figure: Foreign direct investment 010

Figure: Regional 2014 GDP per capita (PPP) 011

Construction Sector 012

Table: Construction sector importance and growth 012

Major infrastructure projects currently in progress in Bangladesh 014

Cement Sector 016

Power Generation capacity of Bangladesh – existing scenario in 2014 019

New Power Generation capacity of Bangladesh – future projects 020

A numerical perspective on cement 021

Figure: Apparent cement demand & production (2005–2014) 021

Figure: Imports and Exports (2005–2014) 022

Figure: Imports and Exports (2005–2014) 022

Incumbent operations 022

Table: Main incumbent operations (2014) 024

Figure: Nameplate cement production capacity (2005–2019E) 029

Figure: New capacities/expansions in Bangladesh (2015–2019E) 029

Figure: Main cement plant locations 030

Cement prices 032

Figure: Indicative domestic cement prices (2014-2015) 034

Figure: Clinker import prices: Bangladesh (2005–2014) 035

Competitive dynamics 036

Strength 037

Weaknesses 037

Opportunities 037

Threat 038

Outlook 040

Figure: Apparent demand forecast (2005-2019E) 041

Figure: Consumption per capita (2005 – 2014) 042

Figure: Bangladesh apparent consumption scenario outlook (2015-2019E) 043

Company profiles 044

Data tables 076

Imports by cement type (2005 – 2014, tons) 077

Exports by cement type (2005 – 2014, tons) 078

Supply-demand balance (2005 – 2014, million tons) 079

Production capacity shares (2005 – 2019E, %) 080

Table: Cement plant capacities (2005 – 2019E, million tons) 081

Disclaimers 082


Pages: 84 

Format: Electronic (PDF)

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Date: July 2015

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This report builds on the CW Group’s industry-leading and proprietary databases and the industry’s most extensive market intelligence platform, and also combines CW Research analysts’ views with inputs from multiple other external analysts, industry associations, market observations, monthly tracking information, discussions with executives and management at cement manufacturing groups, plus a CW Group quantitative overlay model (econometric and statistical quant models).

The report is dedicated to business leaders, strategic planners, business development professionals, equipment suppliers, cement traders etc.




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