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CemWeek Issue 7

With 2011 over, CemWeek is pleased to look ahead at the innovations and new products set to shape the future of the cement industry. Issue 7 delineates new research into alkali-activated cement, a promising low carbon competitor, discusses intellectual property and product innovation with Dr. Davide Zampini of Cemex’s R&D Center, and provides a buoyant feature on concrete’s seafaring heydays, considering another way that old technology can be made new.

4 Leaders Comment
Applied Research: Dr. Davide Zampini,
Cemex Research Group

10 The Expanding Footprint of Low
Carbon Cement
Alkali-Activated Cement is an old
technology made new

18 The Surprising Secret World of
Cement Ships
From military vessels to racing clubs, a
history of concrete that floats

Numbers in Brief
2 Shedding Light on Cement Trade

16 Global Cement Demand

48 Market Update: Fiscal Year

Regional Focus
40 South Korea: Price Tensions
42 South Africa: Afrisam
Takeover Approved

Tools & Analysis
44 Utilizing an Expat Workforce
46 HBS: Seven Strategy Questions

Regional Reports
24 Europe, Middle East & Africa
28 Asia Pacific
29 South Asia
30 America
From our Industry Partner
32 Building materials update
Projects & People
36 Notable projects
38 People on the move

Data Share Performance
50 Overview of stock
performances for cement


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