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Ghana cement market (2013 update)

The recent history of Ghana brought fresh opportunities for companies operating in the country. After the frantic push to start up oil production in the fourth quarter of 2010, the economy registered an impressive boom the following year. However, the economy started to decline in 2012 when the elevated public sector wage bill and increased election spending proved to be detrimental to the balancing of the budget. The less favorable environment is expected to turn for the best in the second half of 2013 as the Ghanaian government intensifies its efforts to modernize the country's infrastructure and to enhance its power potential. Ghana is also in need of 1.7 million housing units in order to level out its enormous housing deficit.

The CW Group Research report provides an in-depth and data-oriented analysis of the economy, construction and cement market in Ghana. The SWOT analysis concludes on the most pressing weaknesses of the country, but also emphasizes the enormous potential of the country, especially in the light of its transformation into a regional cement grinding and/or importing hub for its neighbors. The forecast through 2017 offers cement stakeholders with the most important analytics, including cement consumption, but also cement capacity expansions planned or underway.

Principal Contents

Executive summary  4

Economic backdrop  5

Figure: Regional 2012 GDP per capita (PPP)  6

Figure: Economy and population  7

Figure: Foreign direct investments  9

Construction  10

Table: Construction sector importance and growth  10

Figure: Infrastructure investment plans (2012-2017)  11

Figure: Construction sector and the economy  12

Cement Sector  14

A numerical perspective on cement  15

Figure: Apparent cement demand & production (2005–2012) 15

Figure: 2005–2012 cement demand  16

Impact of Greenview International (Dangote) entry  17

Figure: Cement imports ex-clinker (2005–2012)  17

Incumbent operations  19

Table: Main incumbent operations (2012)  19

Figure: Cement plant locations  20

Production capacity and additions through 2017  21

Figure: Nameplate cement production capacity (2007–2017E)  21

Figure: Cement capacity structure (2012 versus 2017e)  22

Table: Important upgrades and new plants  23

Dangote Cement  23

Cement prices  24

Figure: 2000-2012 Yearly indicative cement price indices  24

Table: Ghacem Ex-factory cement prices (GH¢ per 50 kg bag)  25

Competitive dynamics  26

Strengths  26

Weaknesses  26

Figure: 2007-2012 Yearly indicative electricity supply PPI index  27

Figure: Current and under construction cement plant locations  28

Opportunities  29

Threats  29

Figure: Cement consumption structure (2005-2012)  30

Outlook  31

Figure: Apparent demand forecast (2005-2017E)  31

Figure: Manufacturing utilization projection (2009-2017E)  32

Company profiles  34

Ghacem  34

Figure: Ghacem nameplate cement capacity (2005-2017E)  35

Diamond Cement Ghana  38

Savanna Cement  40

Data tables  41

Supply-demand balance (2005 – 2012, mm tons)  41

Imports by cement type (2005 – 2012, tons)  42

Cement import countries (2005 – 2012, tons)  43

Production capacity shares (2005 – 2017E, %)  44

Table: Cement plant capacities (2005 – 2017E, mm tons)  45

Disclaimers  46






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