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Trusted strategic consultants and M&A advisors for senior clients, helping them solve their most challenging strategic, financial, due diligence and operational issues.
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Dedicated industry research team that provides rigorous analytical insight through leading syndicated multi-client reports and specialized business and sourcing intelligence.
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Leading coverage of core industry segments through multiple channels, including on-line analytics, publications, news platforms and interactive formats.
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Selection of recent CW Advisory projects, showcasing our deep industry sector expertise and service capabilities, ranging from strategy development, M&A advisory, to operational excellence. Learn more about past CW Advisory engagement experiences →.

Supported a global chemical plant design and manufacturing firm in securing supplier for key chemical production sub-system (nitrous oxide concentrate, sulphuric acid concentrate and oleum), including screening, RFQ develpment, vendor screening, due diligence, negotiations and contracting.  

Leveraged CW’s extensive network in the global petrochemical and industrial manufacturing plant design and equipment supplier industry to secure a strong technology sub-contractor for building a key sub-production unit in a Middle Eastern country. 

A global hedge fund leveraged CW’s Expert Network to screen, vet and organize for calls with local market stakeholders to obtain real-time, front-line input from senior professionals on pricing levels, pricing outlook, contract terms and volume movements.

The CW Expert Network program was set up as an on-going program to help not only develop through insights up-front in support of the client’s investment thesis, but also quarterly on-going calls to continuously evaluate pricing and volume changes.

Provided tactical and long-term price forecast for petcoke, sulphur and methanol. Supported the client with tactical price forecasts (rolling 18 months) as well as long-term (20-years).

Analysis served to help the client set its long-term strategic objectives and targets.


Our latest syndicated market reports based on our seasoned research team’s key findings, providing insightful industry information and a clear direction for efficient business strategies. Learn more about CW Research's market research and forecast products →
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