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Providers of specialized consulting, M&A/ due diligence analytics and market reporting services for leading multinational institutions, investors and financiers.
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Trusted strategic consultants and M&A advisors for senior clients, helping them solve their most challenging strategic, financial, due diligence and operational issues.
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Dedicated industry research team that provides rigorous analytical insight through leading syndicated multi-client reports and specialized business and sourcing intelligence.
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Leading coverage of core industry segments through multiple channels, including on-line analytics, publications, news platforms and interactive formats.
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Selection of recent CW Advisory projects, showcasing our deep industry sector expertise and service capabilities, ranging from strategy development, M&A advisory, to operational excellence. Learn more about past CW Advisory engagement experiences →.

Developed scoping with highlevel detailing of TNT explosives manufacturing factory.

Assessed market needs, plant sizing, timing and project specifications for military and commercial TNT production unit.

Undertook a study to characterize, quantify and dimension the world acetic acid market and consumption across industries. Th study considered multiple factors that impact the acetic acid market, including trends, drivers (paint, photography & film, descalers, production of chemical compounds, others) competition, value chain and industry structure.

Designed  new business processes for the entire business flow of a major e-commerce website. Conducted multiple interviews with key system users to capture the “ideal” flow, allowing for the design of an effective business management and formalized processes.


Our latest syndicated market reports based on our seasoned research team’s key findings, providing insightful industry information and a clear direction for efficient business strategies. Learn more about CW Research's market research and forecast products →
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