India cement facilities (poster)

This unique strategic tool is a first comprehensive view of the the Cement Facilities of India.

The 2011 edition provides a unique look at the all the cement production facilities in the India, across its different regions in the form of a large scale poster in physical print that will be mailed to you. The map shows hundreds of cement plants in the region as of mid-2011, including integrated gray and white cement plants, cement grinding stations, slag units and blending facilities with an index of the companies and groups operating them.

The map measures 36 inches (91.4 cm) wide by 30 inches (76.3 cm) tall and will be mailed in a protective tube.

Order the compendium CW Group Research report titled “India Cement Facilities Review” for further information on all cement facility sites, including capacity, production lines, location, ownership, group relationship as well as a detailed quantitative analysis of the cement facilities. Note that the Poster only shows company names of the various units, but does not provide additional facility detail.

  • Benefits
  • Selected views
  • Methodology
  • Who is this report for?
  • Evaluate the competitiveness of cement market
  • Assess opportunities in supply demand imbalances

This report builds on the CW Group’s industry-leading and proprietary databases and the industry’s most extensive market intelligence platform, and also combines CW Research analysts’ views with inputs from multiple other external analysts, industry associations, market observations, monthly tracking information, discussions with executives and management at cement manufacturing groups, plus a CW Group quantitative overlay model (econometric and statistical quant models).

  • Business development professionals
  • Cement traders
  • Strategy teams
  • Country managers
  • Logistic professionals
  • Analysts
  • Consultants


CategoryFacility reports & maps
Release date2011


$425.00 each

More Information

Available Customization

Based on the research and data for this report, CW Research offers consulting services to further extend the coverage and address specific strategic questions to meet  client-specific scientific needs. For instance, clients may seek to:

  • Drill down into specific countries and other geographies
  • Evaluate sub-applications by country
  • Address specific strategic and market questions
  • Develop market entry and response strategies

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