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New work helped revive the industry in December, says Construction Leadership Council

The international fund looks at Spain's 2008 crisis as a case study

Fourth quarter cement shipments surged by double digits

The innovative project will feature an office tower, a condo tower, and a hotel

Over a hundred domestic entertainment facilities are set to open across the country


20 February 2020

Turkmenistan’s cement exports rise in 2019

The country wants to set up a new cement plant in order to improve its export potential

20 February 2020

Bamburi Cement introduces new cement product

The new product is focused in masonry and plaster works

20 February 2020

Mineral Products Association receives grant to research carbon emissions reduction in cement

Hanson Cement and Tarmac will be conducting a production trial run as part of the project

19 February 2020

City of Bristol College will have an Advanced Construction Skills Centre

Construction works started a few days ago

19 February 2020

UAE to build temple with fly ash concrete

Foundations will not include steel nor ferrous materials

19 February 2020

Costa Rica approves new cement tax

The tax will be imposed on both domestically-produced and imported cement

19 February 2020

Brazil: Consumer prices index rises on higher construction materials prices

The index edged up in February

Colombian students make building materials from textile waste
Researchers plan to tackle the over 300 tons of fabric waste generated daily in Bogotá
17 Feb
Kyrgyzstan’s cement production reaches milestone in 2019
Output of concrete during the year exceeded 700,000 tons
18 Feb
MDU Resources acquires prestressed concrete business
The Washington-based business was previously owned by Oldcastle Infrastructure
18 Feb
China: Building materials market grows in 2019
Industry’s profits recorded a solid improvement
17 Feb
Scotland: ‘Retrofit’ housing project could slash heating bills by 90%
More than GBP 4 million will be invested in this initiative
18 Feb
Costa Rica approves new cement tax
The tax will be imposed on both domestically-produced and imported cement
19 Feb
Portugal: Construction output eases in 2019
Growth softened compared to 2018
18 Feb
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