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Materials include cement, stone, and brick

The Swiss company is in the market for complementary businesses

Construction is the most important source of revenue for industrial activity

HeidelbergCement France will fully integrate the operations into its own network.

Longer holidays cause a decrease in the construction sector


19 July 2019

Votorantim Cimentos invests USD 3 million in mortar production in Cuiabá, Brazil

The new production unit has an installed capacity of over 100 thousand tons

19 July 2019

Spanish researchers develop new cement from construction waste

The scientists found that regular cement mixes showed no difference from those with added fibers

19 July 2019

Cemex utilizes new special cement in German bridge project

The company helped to restore a historical monument in the city of Dresden

19 July 2019

Cementos Pacasmayo’s sales volumes rise in second quarter

The company’s revenues rose year-on-year

18 July 2019

Chapman Brothers seeks to build new asphalt plant

The new plant is intended to be portable

18 July 2019

New asphalt plant coming to Guyana

New facility will increase asphalt production by nearly 4 times

18 July 2019

Rise in Cambodia's construction investments

Investments in the building sector increased more than 50% year on year

Mumbai researchers develop green charcoal bio-bricks
The product could foster biodiversity in cities
15 Jul
Cuyo University researchers develop new cement mortar with plastic
The newly developed construction material could help to eliminate waste
16 Jul
Charlottetown to review asphalt plant laws
Decision to allow asphalt plants in the industrial areas may not be final
16 Jul
Turkey experiences surge in dormitory construction
The trend counters the negative construction momentum in the country
15 Jul
Spain leads exports of building materials to Cuba
Imports from Spain recorded a double-digit improvement
16 Jul
Use of recycled construction materials mandatory in New Delhi
The local government plans to cease payments to contractors who don’t use them
16 Jul
Mexico's construction sector records biggest drop in 18 years
Construction business in the country hits its lowest since June 2001
17 Jul
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