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The economic situation has forced many companies to close their doors

Demand for building materials is increasing

Sales fell year-on-year but improved when compared to April

Year-to-date production expanded as well

The sector saw a double-digit contraction year-on-year


25 June 2019

Argentinian researchers developing new cement mortar with added plastic

The new material could help reduce building costs

25 June 2019

Dubai inaugurates first industrial 3D printing plant

Middle East’s first big-scale concrete additive production facility has been open

25 June 2019

Texas' construction sector to decline in 2019

New construction has decreased year on year

25 June 2019

UK's Tarmac creates rubberized asphalt from ELTs

Company uses recycled tires in production

25 June 2019

New asphalt plant to be built in Charlottetown

City council approved the construction of a second asphalt production site

24 June 2019

New Plymouth’s road made out of new plastic asphalt blend

New asphalt mix offers a solution to New Zealand’s plastic issues

24 June 2019

Researchers in Singapore transform trash into construction materials

Local scientists try and find a solution for the country’s burnt rubbish issues

Poland’s BBGK builds housing block with prefabricated red concrete
Company intends to show construction potential of precast concrete
21 Jun
Construction costs in Argentina rise in May
Construction prices have been soaring
24 Jun
Malaysia’s cement manufacturers defend price rise
The companies offered to provide a discount to the government’s affordable housing program
24 Jun
TG Concrete to open new concrete plants
Company invested in two new plants to further extend its reach to costumers
24 Jun
Korea shows interest in Cambodian construction sector
Korean investors lean towards importing materials
24 Jun
UK to release new mandatory license for construction industry
New deal aims to better the business’s seller-buyer relationships
24 Jun
24 Jun
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