Concord's production capacity will increase by at least 30 percent
Company announced the launch of its new e-commerce site
Sales increased by 8 percent
Throughout the year, the company supplied over 200,000 tons of cement for road infrastructure
The agreement expedites the availability of Hoffmann Green cement to construction professionals
Holcim Switzerland relies on sustainable logistics to achieve its net zero goals
As there is potential, there are drawbacks to using salt as a building material
Bierman's can meet current construction industry demand for ready mix concrete and concrete block
Digital marketing strategy has been instrumental in the success of Kennedy Concrete Through the marketing…
Startup developing materials that are cost-effective and truly carbon negative
The country ramps up infrastructure spending
According to the Union Ministry of Environment, Forests, and Climate Change
US company intends to open new facilities and improve 54 existing locations
Cimenteira do Louro will install the new Slimcrete Wall production unit
Price decline is primarily due to wood materials
General Sistem company wants to move between 250,000 and 300,000 tons of material
Costs increased over 12 percent in 2022
Company acquired the sand and aggregate operations of Pioneer Landscape Centers
Company uses a steam-based process to create the blocks that don't require chemicals
Sales have not dropped, however
Australia's construction material prices increased by a record amount over the past year
There has been a decline in emissions per ton of cement produced in South Africa
The team has now made these historic bricks available to their clients
Facing bricks has increased by no less than 43 percent over the past year
Brick and concrete suppliers announced that they intended to raise their sales prices
Construction price index increased between April and October
Sustainability of the industry is being endangered by several concerns
Romanian materials producer announced that it has begun the acquisition process
According to recent market research released by Cement Industries
Thai company will collaborate with Japanese partner Nippon Steel
'Green' cement market is expected to be worth USD 56 billion by 2027
Industry on track to grow over 10 percent in the next 5 years
Company will provide dust-free cement and fly ash handling at the port of Houston
Planning Commission voted unanimously with a list of 12 conditions
Measure was created in order to stabilize the building industry's price condition
Indian company posted a volume of 53,216.16 tonne in the December quarter
Many real estate businesses experienced an unprecedentedly difficult period in 2022
Despite the challenges of the epidemic and the real estate market downturn
According to 'Emerging Trends in Real Estate Report'
Main structures continue to use traditional bricks
Company from Azerbaijan reported on the successful completion of this year's activities
Vietnamese company , has just released a collection of quartz ceramic tiles
Sales surpassed the previous peak of 2014
Engineers at CarbiCrete have developed a new technique
Environmentally-friendly products will help company achieve carbon neutrality
Country saw the worst result in the last nine years
Construction steel consumption was below 2 million tons in November
Availability is also improving
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