The company is disposing of its assets as the sector deteriorates
The company has completed the acquisition of Coram Materials
Researchers are adding discarded wood to the process
Facility will be able to produce nearly 100 blocks per minute
The cost of most materials remained stable
Transport of aggregates continues to benefit from a strong construction industry, particularly in Paris
Most materials experienced modest declines
The country would greatly benefit from a new wave of workers to ease its housing…
The sector remains apprehensive regarding the coronavirus spread
In an exclusive interview with CemWeek, Doctor Alexander Schopf shares his insights on chemical looping…
Basic materials sales registered the biggest fall
Project uses a type of bacteria commonly found in plankton
The country wants to set up a new cement plant in order to improve its…
The new product is focused in masonry and plaster works
Hanson Cement and Tarmac will be conducting a production trial run as part of the…
Foundations will not include steel nor ferrous materials
The tax will be imposed on both domestically-produced and imported cement
Projects could be halted if shipping delays continue
Output of concrete during the year exceeded 700,000 tons
The Washington-based business was previously owned by Oldcastle Infrastructure
The American Institute of Architects expects a modest expansion
The company expects major construction segments to continue growing
The company replaced clinker with an alternative product
2019 was the fourth consecutive year of strong growth
Researchers plan to tackle the over 300 tons of fabric waste generated daily in Bogotá
Asphalt pavements are easily damaged during monsoon and require yearly maintenance
Fourth quarter cement shipments surged by double digits
The company has already named a new CEO
The innovative project will feature an office tower, a condo tower, and a hotel
Major public transportation projects are likely to provide a boost
Local manufacturers state that both contractors and government agencies continue to purchase foreign materials
The company has continually invested in its laboratories
The process can lessen cost and environmental impact
The team is collecting fly ash from a Detroit power plant
Ready-mixed concrete sales have now declined for three consecutive years
New houses will be built to accommodate displaced Syrians
Currently, over one million tons of coal ash can be obtained from coal-fueled energy production
Growth in the heavy materials sector, including cement, concrete and aggregates, surged 18%
Top stories from the previous week, from cement consumption in Portugal reaching a six-year high…
Prices edged down over the last 12 months
Sales dropped both year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter
The modern plant allows the company to cater to customers in the north of the…
A purchase agreement had been reached in the autumn of 2019
CemWeek looks into the green construction landscape and explores the role of the cement industry…
The measure seeks to raise quality standards
Activity is set to decline in 2020
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