Scientists have transformed fly ash by treating it with stearic acid
The company will suspend cement supplies to Boral
50-kg cement bags selling for over 20% more
The new product could reduce concrete carbon footprint by 60%
The company will be discontinuing its Portland cement product in favor of masonry cement
From January to August, construction supplies sales fell over 10% when compared to 2018
Company has raised over USD 90 million
The company is betting on imports of the material
Manufacturers have called for the government’s help to promote cement consumption
Ron Brown, the company’s current owner, announces its retirement
The companies have been developing this new product over the past six years
The country’s laws do not envision collection of the tax in the region
New plant expected to facilitate concrete collection
New name better represents the company identity
Company’s aggregate sales and volumes rose over last year’s second quarter
CRH Swiss Distribution owns several other building material brands across the country
New plant will be worth over USD 10 million
Additives generated from metal wasted produce a more resistant concrete
Company specializes in concrete, cement and gypsum production
Shipments of ready mixed concrete declined by a double-digit rate, but selling prices rose
Out of the 10 construction assets monitored, 7 registered a price decline
The company can produce up to 40 bricks per hour
Fly-ash-based cement paves away for a more sustainable construction
The new regulation forbids stricter standards than those on the National Code
The company says Jamaica's economy will benefit from its improved capacity utilization
The tax’s collection began on August 1
Heavy materials show a drop in operation earnings due to high freight costs
New regulations had been placed following the collapse of buildings in Mellieħa, Guardamangia and Ħamrun
The upgrade will allow the company to increase production, quality, and strength of mix
The group remains confident on the industry's resilience
Output slipped year on year, but has been improving since the beginning of 2019
Building materials costs also recorded a double-digit expansion quarter on quarter
In the second quarter of 2019, world gray cement ex-works prices continued to display mixed…
The largest increase was recorded in Chihuahua
The new standards will apply to both locally-produced cement as well as imported products
The number of built homes also rose
Over $200 million were earned in sales revenues
The local producers claim they are being hurt by cheaper imports of cement
Company eyeing more purchases as its Irish sector grows
The new government is taking measures to help improve the sector
This is the second consecutive month with a positive sentiment
Construction materials in the country to go through stricter quality evaluations
Construction materials production has expanded during the first half of the year
The company reduced guidance for volumes of cement and concrete
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