New bricks absorb carbon emissions, while providing good heat and sound insulation
An MoU has been signed between Yayasan Sabah and a Sarawak-based company
An improved heat transfer renders the operation more efficient
World cement capacity is projected to touch 5.8 billion tons by 2024, according to CW…
Civil engineering output has dropped
The opening of a new plant did not curb prices, as some expected
The price per cubic meter of ready-mixed concrete fell by nearly 3%
The deal is set to be completed until the end of November
Company generated over USD 1 million in net operating cash flows
The 7-kilometer project started construction in 1933 and began operation in 1967
The industry is now taking their plea to the Parliament
The company called an independent laboratory to conduct tests on cement quality
Company’s EBITDA increased by 26%
New process reduces its dangerous characteristics and allows for a more controlled usage
Sand and cement prices rose modestly
New facility is expected to be operational by the end of next year
Company seeks to solidify its place in the South of England
Company holds four other ready-mix concrete facilities in the region
The sector's emissions have declined by a double digit during the last three years
Company mainly produces autoclaved aerated concrete blocks and ready-mixed mortar
The company expressed concerns over the length of the sale operation
Both companies specialize in the production of liquid asphalt and pavement preservation products
New site will be replacing the company’s former concrete plant in the town, closed almost…
Company has let go of its air handling division and building solutions sector
The construction price index climbed to 101.1% between January and September
World cement consumption is projected to increase to 4.2 billion tons in 2019, according to…
The state aims to develop and implement projects and technological innovations based on cement
New acquisition to expand the company’s presence in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Texas
The company's CEO says "a lot remains to be done"
The company’s new product was optimized for block making and concrete
New acquisition will support the company’s growth in the Midlands market
Company’s turnover declined to GBP 149.2 million
Demand in the region has also increased year-on-year
The company has continued to invest in research and development
Local concrete manufacturers study ways to use fluidized bed fly ash
In the year ending September 2018, almost 3,000 construction insolvencies were recorded
A resource efficiency brick plant has been waiting for Coastal Zone Management Authority's approval for…
New regulations will help lower the number of bankrupt companies
Cement rates dropped over 3%
Shipping expenses account for up to 80% of the region’s high-quality crushed stone costs
A new non-executive director has also been nominated
Representatives of the industry noted its contribution to the country’s development
The company supplied concrete to the Guajataca Reservoir
During 2018-19 fiscal, over 500 businesses have shut down
Company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
Only 9,620 houses have been built during the first half of the year
Building materials market was valued at TBH 1.4 trillion in 2018
Rates for concrete blocks edged down month on month
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