The company’s quarterly sales volumes was the second highest ever
The business is based in Tennessee, and includes a manufacturing plant in the USA
Fly ash was used instead of cement in the mixture
New brand promises to be more durable and less prone to cracking
The company’s expenses decreased both during the quarter and YtD
Most of the town’s voters were in support of the tax
Shipments from both Canadian and US quarries fell during the month
The company is expecting a healthy income by the end of the year
The company’s revenues also disappointed analysts
The company’s net income declined year-on-year
The new acquisition has footholds in several global regions
The trucks will reduce air and noise pollution in Colombia
The company expects increase in demand from new airport projects
Final mixture is stronger and more resistant to acid
South Africa has faced a severe drought in the past years
The new prices will be effective starting 2019
The company will be moving its operations to the US
The company’s EBITDA rose year-on-year as well
The government is projecting a large surge in production over the next few years
The company will cease operations in the US state of New England
Company will provide internships to students while benefiting from the university's laboratories
In an exclusive interview with CemWeek Magazine, Eng. Ahmad Al-Rousan discusses the evolution of the…
The developed product uses fly ash and other waste materials
Company will set in place slag dryer plant at the site
Sale should be complete around mid-November
The company will be focusing on improving concrete’s performance
A structure can be knitted with a regular industrial machine
The company is expecting to recover in the next two quarters
Company's new cement complex in Beni Suef is operating at full capacity
The company already has operations in the country
The company’s EBITDA margin improved during the quarter
The company has confirmed its sale target for the year
Rising costs affected the company’s margins
Prices for raw materials have been expanding
Improving transparency around greenhouse gas emissions reporting is one of the core goals
Province also stopped projects for new coal-fired power plants
The method binds it to a mineral to be mixed during the manufacturing process
International symposium on cement-concrete roads held in La Paz
The new prices will be effective starting 2019
The company has already signed agreements to acquire other companies
City responds to level II pollution emergency
Construction materials are exempt from the added tax, but not all is positive
The company operates in Canada
Several dozen licenses have already been distributed
LafargeHolcim CEO spoke before the Foreign Investment Advisory Council
The company has expanded its Saint Louis facility
BlocMaster has received praise from top Nigerian builders
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