The company is obeying the government-imposed quarantine
The shutdown of machinery will take up to seven days
The cement industry body has made a series of suggestions that would provide a boost…
Equipment original design eliminated the need to elevate the body of the truck during material…
New material generates less emissions and requires a smaller amount of energy during its manufacture…
Operations in the Republic of Ireland, including the cement plant at Kinnegad, continue to operate…
Company had reported an over RON 400 million profit in 2018
Workers are required to keep a safe distance between themselves
Most effective measures include, among others, cleaner-burning kiln fuel and more renewable energy
Under a pre-agreement, over 40 thousand workers were set to return to their homes
The company is preparing to scale-up the technology along with Calix and a European consortium
This unit can be easily transported between sites thanks to its compact design
Research explores the properties of a three-components product
Temporary facility has lowered the distance traveled by over 200 thousand miles
Fourth quarter profitability was negatively impacted by higher repairs and maintenance costs
The top stories from the previous week, from new projects in Zimbabwe to curtailing operations…
The company used to supply cement in bulk
Company blames unfavorable weather conditions and the impact on Canadian residential construction from measures introduced…
As of now, the group is unable to estimate the damage caused by the coronavirus…
Company’s revenues surged on the year to December 31
System will be used in more than 300 of Pan-United’s fleet of concrete mixer trucks…
The company is keeping up with the latest news and measures taken around the world…
PCI Design Awards program incentives the innovative usage of precast and prestressed concrete in construction
”Researchers” look for the optimal water-cement ration
Researchers have discovered an easy and less costly chemical reaction that can be used during…
Plea states that part of the region’s high emission volumes is caused by its brick…
The name change and upgraded website intend to bring further clarity to AMI’s “midstream” business…
The Supreme Court decision permits the continued use of reprisal clauses by governments in the…
The company plans to bring these materials to industrial supply chains and has already developed…
Sector pressured by high competition levels, reduced margins, payments delays and above-average business failure rated
The system is expected to be commissioned in 2023
While the final product is not alive, it can reproduce itself
Change will neither alter fuel choices nor reduce environmental impacts
Aggregate sales surged to over 20 million tons
Researchers are transforming unused plastic materials into construction materials and artistic pieces
New material generates far less emission when compared to regular bricks
Over USD 100 million were offer for the group
New order volumes expected to rise in 2020
The company used to receive the material via barges
New material uses fly ash in its production process
Total profits surpasses USD 200 million in the final three months of the year
New home sales surpassed 90,000 units
Despite a yearly improvement in production, volumes fell from the previous month
The trade conflicts between the United States and China had a negative impact
Group’s sales surpassed EUR 40 million
The industry was already facing pressure due to sand shortages
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