Local scientists try and find a solution for the country’s burnt rubbish issues
New deal aims to better the business’s seller-buyer relationships
The companies offered to provide a discount to the government’s affordable housing program
Korean investors lean towards importing materials
The materials slash costs by 50% and CO2 emissions by 60%
Construction prices have been soaring
Companies forced to buy water tanks, increasing production costs
Building groups in the country to ready themselves for a big shift in the area
The increase in prices in cement is justified due to losses in the industry, they…
Company intends to show construction potential of precast concrete
Revenue inched up year on year
New bill to limit materials on new buildings constructions
Market value for construction materials showed a lackluster increase
Constructors Association of Pakistan upholds the importance of the construction sector for the economy
The company is one of the largest construction firms in South America
Contractors are facing increased pressure and a rise in costs
Politicians warn that sector has become too big to regulate, creating several issues
The companies will be developing a business together
The technique is now developing in the city of Ningbo
The material can be produced using fly ash and slag
The government is helping brick kiln owners to develop better products
Sales fell year-on-year but improved when compared to April
A road using mostly fly ash opened in the state of Ceará
The company sought a permit to extend the life of the plant
The material is fire-proof and has many advantages when compared to traditional building materials
The country is undergoing a construction boom
Companies warn that their margins remain tight despite the healthy figures
Iraq’s cement consumption is forecast to increase to over 30 million tons by 2024, according…
Rise in energy costs and increase in demand fueling price boom
The engineers found a way to make wood curve by just using moisture
The plant will serve new commercial projects in the Leicestershire area
The state is running out of their locally sourced materials and companies may need to…
The players have asked for more government support
A concrete manufacturing plant will be partially removed to install the new facility
The process could cut exports of rubber waste from the UK
The company is expanding throughout Texas
The sale is part of the company’s process to divest from its Civil Engineering business
The two companies have entered an agreement regarding the deal
The material is cheaper and more durable than international competitors
The company is also doing research into the optimal mix type and durability of the…
The company will be relocating its manufacturing facilities to Pennsylvania
The new cement type uses Portland fly ash
The companies had signed a similar agreement in 2018
The project calls for the use of fly ash
The company has conducted studies regarding fly ash use in road building
Potential buyers have already stepped forward
Granite and marble tiles will attract a larger duty
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