The new law significantly restricts the use of subcontractors
Current waiting list has over 7,000 entries
Plant to produce over 50 cubic meters of concrete per hour
JP Morgan says there are reasons for excitement over the short term
The new product uses blast furnace slag
This purchase provides additional well-situated resources that allow the group to expand its operations
The sector was highly dependent on stone extraction for the production of M-sand
The material is able to repair cracks on its surface
A decade after the project’s completion, the materials managed to maintain their structural integrity
New material set to improve the sector’s sustainability
The sector grew for the first time in four months
Company generates Recycled Concrete Blocks at its Mumbai facility
Top stories from the previous week, from Brazilian researchers developing new cement from mining waste,…
The company is looking to install solid absorbent technology at the facility
Concrete and lime sales experienced the biggest decreases
Cherry's assets will join Arcosa’s existing 19 active aggregate and specialty materials locations in Texas
Fly ash production growth to decline in FY18/23
The company offers innovative high-performance solutions in a wide range of colors, materials and forms
Cement import values topped USD 100 million
Ready-mix plants, aggregate quarries, depots, cement terminals, asphalt plants, and concrete products operations will be…
The yielded cement is said to be of high quality
The material is seen as a sustainable alternative to other building materials
Production of the new brick generates far fewer emissions when compared to standard ones
More than 70 Odisha units are bound to shut down
Top stories from the previous week, from Bangladesh cutting taxes for imports of cement raw…
Bricks generated from waste ash are lighter when compared to average ones
Construction lime output in January-November surpassed 40 thousand tons
Project sought to utilize unmanaged plastic waste stream to produce quality products
Unicem has nonetheless curbed its forecast
Company has also purchased facilities in Indiana, Florida, South Georgia and Texas
The industry has called for a moratorium on new plants for the next five years
Country occupies BMBI’s top spot for three consecutive quarters
Over 600 individual static recycled aggregates plants exist across the nation
New product is not only cheaper, but also more environmentally friendly
Investors are holding back as the environment is not the best
Sector plagued by foreign currency scarcity, power outages and inflation
Product mainly designed for road, bridges and other similar infrastructures
Company looking for major construction groups’ feedback
Brick facilities are being built in the region following Andhra Pradesh’s stricter employment of stricter…
Equipment will be licensed instead of sold, in order to maintain quality control
Product requires no steam to cure, lowering its energy and water footprint
The regulations were supposed to come into effect on December, but were delayed
The announcement comes after the group’s last meeting on December 3
Material developed by mixing rice straw and plastic waste
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