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Mar 2019
Researchers developing new housing materials from recycled carbon fiber

The team are aiming to set up a manufacturing facility for the material


Jan 2019
Boral Resources acquires marketing rights for two fly ash sources in Mexico

The company will be supplying the material in the US


Nov 2018
Cementos Argos launches fleet of gas-powered trucks

The trucks will reduce air and noise pollution in Colombia


Oct 2018
Green Minerals develops new way to incorporate CO2 into concrete production

The method binds it to a mineral to be mixed during the manufacturing process


Oct 2018
Engineers create new self-repairing building material

The material is still not optimal for commercial use


Oct 2018
Chinese builders use rockfill concrete technique

Rockfill concrete uses less cement


Sep 2018
Researchers develop new type of durable concrete

The material is specialized for the construction of aerodromes


Aug 2018
Leaders Q&A: Phil Hodgson

As environment-friendly technology has become an inescapable subject of discussion in the cement industry, CemWeek presents an exclusive interview with Phil Hodgson, Managing Director at Calix, about carbon ...


Jul 2018
Thomas Concrete develops new way of mixing greenhouse gas into concrete

The system uses and absorbs CO2 to make concrete stronger


May 2018
HeidelbergCement researching concrete as decarbonizer

The company wants the industry to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement


Feb 2018
Argos creates consortium for CO2 capture and recycling

Company is trying to close the CO2 loop by capturing it and using it for concrete production


Feb 2018
CarbonCure tests technology to use CO2 capture in cement production

CO2 is used to produce concrete


Feb 2018
Imerys acquires new calcium carbonate business in India

Company wants to seize market growth


Jan 2018
US: Thomas Concrete extends CarbonCure technology to more facilities

Technology allows to incorporate carbon dioxide into ready-mix concrete  ...


Dec 2017
Canadian researchers developing projects to reduce carbon emissions in concrete production

Two separate projects have discovered ways to counter carbon emissions  ...

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