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Jun 2020
Argentina: Construction sector now asks to reactivate the private work in AMBA

This demand comes after the UIA’s request for the State’s help in paying the Christmas bonus and the commercial sector’s request for more openness  ...


May 2020
Punjab industries and commerce minister urged to extend deadlines for end under-construction projects

Industry pressured by the COVID-19 pandemic


May 2020
Australian construction to decline in 2022

Nation as provided monetary support to keep businesses running


May 2020
U.K construction sector collapses on COVID-19 shutdowns

Three main construction categories saw their biggest declines last month


May 2020
FuelCell Energy begins construction of SureSource 150 biofuels fuel cell facility

The project is expected to become commercially operational in December 2020  ...


May 2020
Vicem Hoang Thach commissions new cement mill

Commercial production is expected to begin in June 2020  ...


Apr 2020
Construction resumes at Bay Area

Operations will recommence with new coronavirus safety measures


Apr 2020
Martin Marietta Materials expecting positive 2020 aggregates profits

Enhanced commercial and heavy industrial construction projects to boost aggregate shipments towards the non-residential market  ...


Apr 2020
Irish building activity hits 11-year low on COVID-19 limitations

Pandemic has affected housing, commercial and civil engineering operations  ...


Mar 2020
Industrial construction in Los Angeles surges in 2020

Most of new building activity consists of smaller box offices


Mar 2020
Western Australia’s construction sector braces for coronavirus impacts

Closure of Chinese factories set to cause a shortage of building materials


Mar 2020
Increased commercial and residential projects boost U.K’s building industry

The industry’s output growth was at its fastest in over ten months during February


Jan 2020
Municipality of Antilla, Cuba, sets up new cement mill

The equipment will have six silos


Jan 2020
Construction industry to feel effects of AB 5 legislation

The new law significantly restricts the use of subcontractors

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