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Jan 2020
Spanish initiative seeks to use more recycled and natural construction materials

Research has been made on how to lower the industry’s energy consumption and environmental impact  ...


Jan 2020
Portugal: Residential building permits increase in January-October 2019

Cement consumption over the period neared 3 million tons  ...


Dec 2019
Western Europe and North America lead white cement trade

In 2019, Western Europe remained the major white cement exporting region, followed by Eastern Europe and CIS, according to CW Research’s 2020 Global White Cement Market and Trade Report.


Nov 2019
White cement consumption to top 22 million tons on steady economic growth

Between 2019 and 2024, global white cement demand is projected to increase modestly to over 22 million tons, according to CW Research’s 2020 Global White Cement Market and Trade Report.


Nov 2019
Spanish exports of building materials decline in January-August 2019

Cement consumption rose year-on-year  ...


Nov 2019
Portugal's building permits rise in January-August

Cement consumption soared over 16%  ...


Oct 2019
Global cement demand to recover through 2024

World cement consumption is projected to increase to 4.2 billion tons in 2019, according to CW Research’s 2H2019 update of the Global Cement Volume Forecast Report.  ...


Aug 2019
Malaysia’s construction activity to remain lackluster in 2H2019

Cement and steel consumption to continue subdued until building projects gradually pick up  ...


Aug 2019
Peru’s building industry registers double-digit expansion in 2019

Construction works across mining sites boost domestic cement consumption  ...


Aug 2019
Nepal’s cement capacity exceeds domestic demand

Manufacturers have called for the government’s help to promote cement consumption  ...


Aug 2019
Argentina’s construction activity registers double-digit decline in June

Consumption of building materials slipped across the country  ...


Jun 2019
Reconstruction programs to boost Iraq’s cement demand to over 30mn tons by 2024

Iraq’s cement consumption is forecast to increase to over 30 million tons by 2024, according to CW Research’s 2019 update of the Iraq Cement Market Report.  ...


May 2019
Construction activity in Argentina declines in March

Activity fell as well during the first quarter of the year


May 2019
Brick kilns in Punjab to be converted to zigzag technology

The conversion is expected to take place until the end of December 2019

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