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Nov 2018
Oman researcher proposes use of tire waste in construction

The researcher has developed a new way of repurposing the tires  ...


Nov 2018
Lithuanian researchers develop new concrete using industrial waste

The developed product uses fly ash and other waste materials  ...


Oct 2018
Green Minerals develops new way to incorporate CO2 into concrete production

The method binds it to a mineral to be mixed during the manufacturing process


Oct 2018
Italian company develops 3D printed house from natural materials

The company used rice-based materials to build the house


Oct 2018
New mine for frac sand to open in Oklahoma

Production of frac sand has been increasing


Oct 2018
Engineers create new self-repairing building material

The material is still not optimal for commercial use


Sep 2018
Researchers develop new type of durable concrete

The material is specialized for the construction of aerodromes


Sep 2018
Researchers discover way to improve concrete strength

The method is more sustainable than cement use


Sep 2018
Researchers develop new building material from coconuts

The new material has already been tested on a commercial scale


Aug 2018
New kind of smart, battery-like cement developed in the UK

Lancaster University develops a cement mixture capable of conducting and storing electricity


Jul 2018
US: Researchers develop new concrete-like material from fly ash

The material developed is stronger than regular cement  ...


Jul 2018
US: Researchers develop new concrete from fly ash

The material allows water to pass through it


Jun 2018
Netherlands to develop 3D-print concrete houses

First printed homes to be developed in Eindhoven  ...


May 2018
US researchers develop bendable concrete inspired by seashells

The material was developed at the University of Michigan  ...


Apr 2018
New concrete alternative uses desert sand

More tests about its large-scale use are still being performed


Mar 2018
US: Researchers developed new concrete with increased strength

Engineers have discovered a way to reduce production costs


Jan 2018
Lafarge Canada sets new alternative fuel pilot project

New project will be developed in Exshaw, Alberta  ...

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