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Nov 2018
Cementos Argos launches fleet of gas-powered trucks

The trucks will reduce air and noise pollution in Colombia


Oct 2018
World Cement Association releases action plan to tackle climate change

Improving transparency around greenhouse gas emissions reporting is one of the core goals  ...


Oct 2018
Green Minerals develops new way to incorporate CO2 into concrete production

The method binds it to a mineral to be mixed during the manufacturing process


Oct 2018
Chinese builders use rockfill concrete technique

Rockfill concrete uses less cement


Sep 2018
Ningxia, China introduces new regulations on cement capacity

The autonomous region has imposed new rules on capacity replacement and emissions  ...


Dec 2017
Canadian researchers developing projects to reduce carbon emissions in concrete production

Two separate projects have discovered ways to counter carbon emissions  ...


Oct 2017
MIT researches more durable, ecological cement

Scientists study additives such as vulcanic ash, refinery slags


Sep 2017
Australia creates new technology to produce concrete

This is a concrete response to climate change, which requires more and more renewable energy


Jun 2017
St Marys Cement cultivates algae with captured CO2

Project is producing algae for uses in biofuels, bioplastics, and others


Jun 2017
New technology review to support cement sector CO2 emissions cut

The 2017 technology review published comprises 52 individual papers on well-known existing technologies


Mar 2017
Canada: CarbonCure’s concrete converts CO2 into nano-materials

Technology was based on naturally occurring processes

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