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Jun 2020
Keltbray adds environmentally friendly concrete to temporary works offering

The company has made available a sustainable concrete that uses geopolymers instead of Portland cement


Jun 2020
Lehigh Cement develops new cement plant-product specific Environmental Product Declarations

The company’s new eco-cement product could lead to a decrease in emissions during concrete production


Jun 2020
Lebanon government following up on cement crisis in Chekka

The Prime Minister has met with representatives from the cement companies and other entities


Jun 2020
Tunisia to build construction and demolition waste recovery unit in Gabes

New project has several environmental, social, and economic advantages  ...


Apr 2020
Pioneer Aggregates aims to make C&D fines market-viable

Company seeks to make good use of the materials instead of landfilling it


Mar 2020
California develops two new programs to "clean" its construction sector

Both programs will receive over USD 150 million in funding


Mar 2020
UK: Removal of lower rates for fuel taxes in mineral products sector to prove troublesome

Change will neither alter fuel choices nor reduce environmental impacts  ...


Mar 2020
Tucumán transforming garbage into construction materials

Tetra brik containers have also been used in sheets production


Feb 2020
Development of eco-friendly materials based on coal ash gains momentum in Korea

Currently, over one million tons of coal ash can be obtained from coal-fueled energy production


Jan 2020
Researcher develops flash process to strengthen concrete with graphene

The process can lessen cost and environmental impact  ...


Jan 2020
Wagners’ cement-free concrete approved for use in Germany

The company replaces limestone with fly ash


Jan 2020
Spanish initiative seeks to use more recycled and natural construction materials

Research has been made on how to lower the industry’s energy consumption and environmental impact  ...

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