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Jun 2019
GDB Holdings launches tender for new building projects in Malaysia

The company has a solid order book until the end of the year  ...


Jun 2019
NTPC promoting concrete substitute for natural stone

The project calls for the use of fly ash


Jun 2019
Rwanda building more affordable housing units

The country wants to promote ownership in average income earners in urban areas


May 2019
US construction backlog rises in March

Non-residential construction surges while industrial contracting has declined


May 2019
Belgian construction sector plagued by full order books, among other issues

Deliveries suffer delays due to high demand, while contractors are fully booked


May 2019
Polish cities using more eco-friendly concrete

The addition of a specific component to cement makes concrete more able of absorbing emissions


May 2019
Experts advocate more use of “smart concrete”

Several experts have called for a better use of concrete in order to cut repair costs  ...


May 2019
UK launches new self-driving trucks to work in road construction

A model is currently being trialed at a roadworks construction site


Apr 2019
New Caledonian pinus to be used as building material

The government of New Caledonia has approved it for use in construction


Mar 2019
Turkey: Confidence in construction sector rises in March

The overall order book improved during the month  ...


Mar 2019
Sandvik’s results reach new record in 2018

The company’s operating profit improved year-on-year

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