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Jan 2020
ByFusion develops eco-friendly bricks from plastic waste

Production of the new brick generates far fewer emissions when compared to standard ones


Jan 2020
Costa Rica’s CRDC transforming plastic waste into building materials

Project sought to utilize unmanaged plastic waste stream to produce quality products  ...


Jan 2020
Greenrail initiative generates clean energy from railway lines

Each kilometer traveled can generate over 30 megawatts of electricity


Dec 2019
Denmark: Mobile concrete crusher smashing over 15 thousand tons of concrete

Concrete to be used in road and parking construction


Dec 2019
Spain: New building material to reduce household energy bills

Material developed by mixing rice straw and plastic waste  ...


Nov 2019
Engineers develop new plastic waste brick inspired by bird nests

New product provides stronger insulation versus standard bricks


Oct 2019
Los Angeles tests asphalt road made from plastic bottles

Roads can last 8 to 13 times longer than a standard road


Oct 2019
Estonia gets its first road paved with plastic asphalt

Nearly 5,000 plastic bottles will be crushed during the road’s development  ...


Aug 2019
Peruvian company develops bricks from plastic

The company can produce up to 40 bricks per hour


Jul 2019
UNICEF develops Africa’s first plastic-to-bricks factory

The group plans to construct around 500 classrooms


Jul 2019
Cuyo University researchers develop new cement mortar with plastic

The newly developed construction material could help to eliminate waste


Jun 2019
Indian Nuvoco pioneers Structural XLite concrete

Company is the first to work with these types of materials


Jun 2019
Argentinian researchers developing new cement mortar with added plastic

The new material could help reduce building costs


Jun 2019
New Plymouth’s road made out of new plastic asphalt blend

New asphalt mix offers a solution to New Zealand’s plastic issues  ...


Jun 2019
Australia opens new recycling plant to turn soft plastics into asphalt

The company is also doing research into the optimal mix type and durability of the material


May 2019
Researchers develop bricks made with plastic waste

The final product will be much stronger than a normal cement brick


Apr 2019
Scientists develop transparent wood for use in construction

The material can absorb and release energy


Sep 2018
Waste plastic could be used to replace sand in concrete manufacture

Researchers estimate that several million tons of sand could be saved per year


Jun 2018
Holcim Azerbaijan presents new product

Spesial 400 promises more plasticity and less cracking  ...


Oct 2017
US researchers find new way to fortify concrete

Addition of recycled plastic proves effective  ...


Sep 2017
Imerys Group acquires UK recycler

The deal for the reprocessor and recycler of hard plastics waste will enable Imerys to expand its Performance Additives Division  ...

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