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Feb 2020
Bhutan: Brick producers pressured by imported materials

Local manufacturers state that both contractors and government agencies continue to purchase foreign materials


Jan 2020
Fly ash facilities in India pressured by lack of raw materials

More than 70 Odisha units are bound to shut down


Nov 2019
Brazil’s cement producers call for use of material on road construction

They recommend the use of the material in roads with higher traffic


Oct 2019
Angola exports building materials despite being unable to meet domestic demand

Country currently suffering from low housing and real estate construction


Sep 2019
Turkey’s new construction orders increase in August

The construction industry experienced a modest recovery


Sep 2019
Bhutan’s building materials manufacturers struggling to stay afloat

Local government seeking solutions to aid domestic producers  ...


Aug 2019
South Africa’s cement companies request investigation into cheap imports

Vietnamese imports in particular have been expanding


Jul 2019
Spain: Exports of construction materials expand in January-May

The number of built homes also rose


Jul 2019
South Africa’s cement makers call for safeguard duty on imports

The local producers claim they are being hurt by cheaper imports of cement  ...


Jul 2019
Construction materials prices continue to rise in Vietnam

Rates expanded despite a decline in demand


Jul 2019
South African cement makers call for import tariffs

Companies say that cheaper imports are causing their sales to drop


Jun 2019
Malaysian cement producers say cement price hike not responsible for surge in housing prices

The increase in prices in cement is justified due to losses in the industry, they stated


May 2019
Republic Cement launches mobile lab for end-users

The company aims to provide support for ready-mix concrete producers, contractors and dry mortar manufacturers  ...


May 2019
Shaanxi cement producers accused of cartelization

Prices have been steadily increasing

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