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Feb 2020
Boris Johnson greenlights controversial HS2 project

Supporters claim the high speed railway will revive the British economy  ...


Feb 2020
Hotel construction surges in Los Angeles

Lenders are showing caution when investing in these infrastructures


Jan 2020
UKEF invests over GBP 600 million in infrastructure projects in Africa

Ghana, Zambia, Gabon and Uganda are set to benefit from the funding


Jan 2020
Argentina’s construction costs rise in 2019

Prices of building materials surged 50%


Jan 2020
Municipality of Antilla, Cuba, sets up new cement mill

The equipment will have six silos


Jan 2020
Tarmac supplies new asphalt plant with aggregates deliveries by train

Facility is set to come online this year


Jan 2020
Godrej Construction recycles 10,000 tons of concrete debris in two years

Company generates Recycled Concrete Blocks at its Mumbai facility


Jan 2020
Ethiopia and China announce construction cooperation deal

The country seeks China’s support in developing housing initiatives  ...


Dec 2019
New Zealand to request international help for major construction work developments

Nation is currently unable to handle such a high number of projects by itself

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