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Nov 2018
US to develop new facility to research building materials in the Philippines

Engineers will be researching ways to turn coconut waste into building materials  ...


Nov 2018
German researchers develop new system for recycling of construction waste

The new process can sort up to 1.5 metric tons of waste per hour  ...


Nov 2018
Oman researcher proposes use of tire waste in construction

The researcher has developed a new way of repurposing the tires


Nov 2018
Lithuanian researchers develop new concrete using industrial waste

The developed product uses fly ash and other waste materials  ...


Oct 2018
European companies recycling construction waste

The waste is turned into other optimal and useful materials  ...


Sep 2018
Waste plastic could be used to replace sand in concrete manufacture

Researchers estimate that several million tons of sand could be saved per year


Sep 2018
Irish researcher developing new concrete without the use of cement

The new material uses industrial waste to create more sustainable materials  ...


Aug 2018
Vietnam's cement sector makes waste useful

Waste is being used as alternative raw materials, fuel, and additives  ...


Aug 2018
Building waste recycling plant to open in Scotland

The facility is the largest of its kind in the UK


Aug 2018
Vietnam cement makers use fly ash as raw material

Other waste such as slag is also being used  ...


Jul 2018
US researchers testing food waste in concrete mix

The researchers have looked at previous examples of this solution


Jun 2018
Continuus Material Recovery acquiring Rewall

The company wants to stimulate the renewables market


Jun 2018
Hanson UK reaches sustainability goals ahead of schedule

Other goals remain within reach


May 2018
Researchers improve sound insulation of building materials through industrial waste

The research has focused on waste produced by the steel industry  ...


Apr 2018
German researchers looking for more sustainable concrete from vegetable fibers

The scientists are focusing on agricultural waste  ...


Apr 2018
Indian researchers develop brick from construction waste

Technology has stirred interest from large companies


Jan 2018
US researcher develops building materials from construction waste

Developers have created a machine and technology that recycles used materials into new ones


Jan 2018
US: SCS Engineers supporting construction of advanced materials recovery facility in Maine

Plant will allow to recover and convert mixed waste materials into high-value commodities  ...


Nov 2017
US: Fly ash regulations to be reconsidered

Court will hear arguments against current regulations


Oct 2017
Turkish research mixes burnt peanut shells in cement mixture

Ash from peanut shells contain carbon and silica


Oct 2017
New technique uncovers rare earth elements from fly ash

Chromatography separation techniques could give new life to the waste product  ...


Oct 2017
Cement road in Binh Phuoc, Vietnam faces delay

Delay may have already wasted part of the cement supply from Vicem  ...


Oct 2017
Company offering construction materials made of organic waste

Other materials are also being researched and under development


Oct 2017
Qatar is considering to recycle construction waste

Country’s building materials stock to last for several decades


Sep 2017
CW Research: Weekly cement market update

Highlights of the global cement market in the previous week


Sep 2017
Imerys Group acquires UK recycler

The deal for the reprocessor and recycler of hard plastics waste will enable Imerys to expand its Performance Additives Division  ...


Sep 2017
Fly ash concrete successfully 3D printed for the first time

Researchers in Singapore were able to optimize a mix of waste products into a sustainable construction material  ...


Sep 2017
Mexican research makes new blend of "green cement"

Blend includes waste from mineral wool industry  ...

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