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The company behind the project signed an agreement with the regional agreement

The region is now developing the necessary investment solutions for the project

The deal is still subject to approval from regulatory authorities

The company is currently unable to secure the resources for operations at the facility


09 July 2020

Baltic Dry Index falls to 1849, down 100 points

On July 8, the Baltic Dry Index registered a 100-point decrease

09 July 2020

Cargo turnover in the port of Rostov-on-Don for 6 months from the beginning of the year increased by 10 percent

In the January-June period, the port handled 10 million tons of cargo

09 July 2020

Diana Shipping Inc. Announces Time Charter Contract for m/v Selina with ST Shipping

The contract is expected to generate around USD $3,96 million of revenue

09 July 2020

Agricore doubles down on capes

The Hong Kong-based company has bought a second capesize

09 July 2020

Port of Antwerp limits damage during corona crisis

After a 4.9 percent drop in the total throughput of the Port, recovery is already visible

09 July 2020

Activities of Karachi Port and Port Qasim

Between July 7 and 8, Karachi Port and Port Qasim handled 168,520 and 146,984 tons of cargo, respect

09 July 2020

US coal exports in May fall to its lowest in 4 years

Exports to key markets have significantly reduced

Activities at Karachi Port
In the beginning of July, the cargo volume of Karachi Port was of 169,128 tons.
 6 Jul
The total cargo turnover of the port of Azov for 6 months from the beginning of the year decreases by 15%
In the first half of 2020, the seaport of Azov handled 3.310 million tons of cargo, 15 percent less
 6 Jul
Steel export growth may soften on lower demand
After an increase in exports’ in the first quarter of 2020, steel exports are likely to slow down
 6 Jul
Chernogorsky coal mine expansion project expected to finish by 2022
Chernogorsky is one of the oldest coal mines and has been producing since 1958
 6 Jul
Baltic Dry Freight Cost Index - July 3
The index has gone up 3.89 percent
 6 Jul
Cargo turnover of Port Vysotsky decreases 16.5 percent from the beginning of the year
Cargo turnover decreased in the first six months, but jumped 61.8 percent in June
 7 Jul
Cido makes rare cape sale
The Hong Kong company seems to want to reduce its cape fleet
 6 Jul
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