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Transshipment of bulk cargo surged during the year

Exports fell due to maintenance and upgrade works

Growth was registered in cargoes delivered for export through domestic ports

An industry body has recommended several measures to support steelmakers

The agreement will be signed in February


21 January 2019

The Philippines sets import duty on cement

Provisional duty implemented to protect local industry

21 January 2019

PT Indocement opens new terminal in Lampung

Company is trying to expand present in Sumatra

21 January 2019

Uzbekistan produces less cement in 2018

Country was forced to import cement amid higher natural gas and electricity prices

21 January 2019

Dry bulk fleet’s growth in 2018 remains subdued

Demolitions were at record low levels during the year

21 January 2019

Rio Tinto’s iron ore production declines in December quarter

The company’s shipments declined year-on-year

21 January 2019

Baltic Dry Index continues to recover

Data for January 18

21 January 2019

Port of Vyborg’s cargo turnover rises in 2018

The volume of bulk cargo transshipment improved year-on-year

17 Jan
Altai Territory opens new ice crossings
The roads are being monitored on a daily basis to ensure safety
18 Jan
Olvia Seaport’s cargo turnover falls in 2018
Stevedoring company processed less bulk cargo during the year
17 Jan
China’s trade surplus with US reaches new record in 2018
The trade war has had a subdued effect on the full year results
17 Jan
Port of Kiel’s cargo turnover declines in 2018
Handling of bulk cargo fell year-on-year
18 Jan
Oldendorff sells self-unloaders in CSL Pool to Algoma
After the sale, Oldendorff will have 10 self-unloading vessels, with 2 new vessels on order
18 Jan
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