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The project will be located in the state of Espírito Santo

Corn shipments plunged week-on-week

Supplies are expected to tighten

Handling of cement rose year-on-year

The export outlook has improved due to supply issues in the international market


22 July 2019

Port of Helsinki’s cargo turnover declines in January-June

Handling of bulk cargo contracted year-on-year

22 July 2019

Bangladesh wants to increase imports of Australian coal

The country is commissioning a new series of coal-powered stations

22 July 2019

France: Grain exporters form alliance to face off Black Sea traders

The companies want to keep their share in the Northern Africa market

22 July 2019

Brazil: Ports' throughput hampered by navigation issues on Madeira river

Companies reduced transported cargoes by around ten percent

22 July 2019

Russian authorities approve creation of artificial land plots for Ust-Luga commercial sea port project

The proposed project is compliant with existing regulations

22 July 2019

Baltic Dry Index still climbing

Data for July 19

22 July 2019

EU’s wheat crop grows despite heatwave effects

Some crops were lost but performance is better than in summer 2018

Australia: New coal-to-hydrogen project begins construction
The project aims to export hydrogen to Japan
19 Jul
Indonesia banning raw mineral ore exports from 2022
The country called for miners to build smelters in the country
19 Jul
Dry bulk market begins to show signs of recovery
Rates have begun to climb after a period of lackluster display
19 Jul
Mariupol Seaport’s cargo turnover drops in January-June
Handling of bulk cargo fell year-on-year
19 Jul
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