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The contract is expected to lead to a USD \$900 thousand profit for Castor

The company behind the project signed an agreement with the regional agreement

The region is now developing the necessary investment solutions for the project

The deal is still subject to approval from regulatory authorities


07 August 2020

Pakistan witnesses surge in July exports and cement uptake

The growth gave the cement industry its much-needed boost

07 August 2020

Baltic Dry Index rises 25 points

The Index has reached 1,500 points

07 August 2020

Cargo turnover at the Port of Shakhtersk rises by 18.6 percent

Coal shipments amounted to 3.5 million tons

07 August 2020

Eagle Bulk Shipping’s 2Q2020 results

The company reported revenues of USD 57.4 million

07 August 2020

Cargo turnover of Port of Rostov-on-Don rises by 4 percent

Cargo turnover amounted to 12.7 million tons

07 August 2020

Price of Vietnam rice rises to highest value since June

With supplies tightening, prices are rising

07 August 2020

Brazil’s wheat production to exceed initial forecasts

Under favorable conditions, production could reach 7.3 million metric tons

Cargo volumes decline in Port of Rotterdam
Despite declines, the Port has decided to accelerate investments
 4 Aug
Low coal prices put pressure on US coal rail rates
According to industry sources, export coal transportation rates have fallen
 4 Aug
Activities of Karachi Port and Port Qasim
Between August 2 and 3, Karachi Port and Port Qasim handled 78,203 and 123,232 tons of cargo, respec
 4 Aug
Brazil’s iron ore exports steady
Exports fell by just 0.69 percent year-on-year in July
 4 Aug
Russia’s coal output and market supplies decline in July
The country’s biggest coal companies varied in production results
 4 Aug
Dangote Cement provides new trucks and training for distributors
The leading African cement producer takes its business to the next level
 6 Aug
Mongolia’s coal exports projected to grow in second half of 2020
But first, the country needs to provide competitive coal prices
 4 Aug
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