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Manufactures of pellets want discouragement of exports of the material

They want the cargoes to be shipped in July until August

Data for June 14

The buyer was not identified

The company is reportedly in talks with Deloports for the acquisition


24 June 2019

Port of Fuzhou tightening coal import restrictions

The port no longer allows imports for outside of the city or region

24 June 2019

Saudi Arabia launches tender for barley

The shipment for the various consignments is sought for August-October

24 June 2019

Haropa’s dry bulk cargo handling rises in January-May

Grain volumes have surged year-on-year

24 June 2019

Baltic Dry Index surges beyond 1,200 points

Data for June 21

24 June 2019

Mississippi River reopens for barge traffic

The river was not fully navigable since November

24 June 2019

Oldendorff Carriers acquires dry bulk vessel from Asia Rainbow International

The vessel has been renamed after delivery

24 June 2019

Philippine cement manufacturers call for end of import safeguard

Importers said local manufacturers are still turning a profit despite the increase in inbound shipme

Dnieper river’s cargo handling volumes surge in January-May
Grain handling has expanded strongly year-on-year
21 Jun
Russia grain export forecast declines in 2019-20
The country could be supplanted by Ukraine as world’s largest exporter
21 Jun
Philippine Cement Importers Association claims imports cause no injury to local producers
The association has refuted previous claims made by Philippine cement manufacturers
21 Jun
Uganda confirms deposits of around 300 million tons of iron ore
The country wants to improve the national steel industry through these
21 Jun
SL Mining ships first iron ore load from Sierra Leone
The company will be doing a second shipment of the ore soon
21 Jun
Newcastle coal prices reach three-year low
Demand in China remains sluggish due to mild temperatures
21 Jun
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