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The contract is expected to lead to a USD \$900 thousand profit for Castor

The company behind the project signed an agreement with the regional agreement

The region is now developing the necessary investment solutions for the project

The deal is still subject to approval from regulatory authorities


14 July 2020

Iran’s cement to be exported to the Persian Gulf states and North Africa

The country is also set to export its cement to Asian markets

14 July 2020

Precious Shipping and Sainty Marine reached amicable agreement

The settlement agreement concerns eleven shipbuilding contracts

14 July 2020

Baltic Dry Freight Index - July 13

On July 13, the Baltic Dry Freight Cost Index fell by 0.99 percent

14 July 2020

1.9 percent increase in export coal transportation in the Russian Railways network

In June 2020, the amount of coal exported began to grow, having reached 16 million tons

14 July 2020

Cargo turnover of Ventspils port down to 6,8 million tons

The cargo turnover of the Latvia port decreased 1.7 times in the first months of 2020

14 July 2020

Collision in the Duluth ship canal

An integrated Great Lakes barge vessel collided with the pier

14 July 2020

Agricore buys its first post-panamax

This is the company’s second acquisition over a short time

South Korea invests in a coal power project in Indonesia
The coal venture will take place despite South Korea’s commitment to greener policies
10 Jul
Port of Itaguaí breaks monthly revenue record in July
The port exceeded the BRL $37 million mark, twice as much than January’s revenue
10 Jul
New charter agreement between Castor and Oldendorff Carriers
The contract is expected to lead to a USD $900 thousand profit for Castor
10 Jul
Vogemann looking for investments through blockchain method
The company hopes to raise USD $50 million for the expansion of its green fleet
10 Jul
Indonesian coal sector considers exploring new export markets in Asia
This is due to a gradual decline in imports from the country’s main markets
10 Jul
Loading on the Kaliningrad railway registers an 8.3% fall
In the first six months of 2020, loading on the railway reached 1,346 million tons
10 Jul
Pilbara Ports Authority reaches new records for the 2019/20 financial year
Shipping figures exceed 700 million tons of total annual throughput
10 Jul
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