The company Liyang Tianshan Cement has put into trial operation its 'Tianshan Corridor Project', focused on environmental protection and intelligent material long-distance belt conveying system, reports CCement.

The double-sided transmission corridor has a total length of 13 kilometers, at the height of more than 10 meters above the ground, transporting materials and raw coal back and forth between the mine and cement production enterprises. With the advantages of air vacuum, no dust, and no noise, the Tianshan Corridor Project has "effectively solved the problems" of high road transport costs and high pollution, with a "positive role" in promoting Liyang City to achieve the double carbon goal.

It is estimated that after the Tianshan Corridor Project is put into operation, 110 transport vehicles can be eliminated, and 276,000 round-trip trips of heavy-duty trucks can be reduced throughout the year, which reduces environmental problems of vehicle transport materials, such as throwing, dust, exhaust gas, and traffic noise.

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