The country’s volumes and export revenue rose year-on-year
The development of mineral resource centers along the route will boost volumes
Prices are still being sustained at a high level
An exporters association has declared an event of delay
Cement cargo handling rose year-on-year
The company did not clarify whether it would drop its proposed sale of part of…
The company has already signed an agreement for the design, engineering and project management of…
The increase goes against the global trend
Company managed to boost coal shipments despite adverse weather conditions
The company’s sales have declined as demand in the domestic market has dropped
The country is currently facing overcapacity
Export volumes grew particularly strong in the southern region
Data for the week ended November 29
Transport of cement via the railway rose year-on-year
Data for December 2
Output also fell in India and China
The contract concerns two of its vessels, the Myrsini and the Artemis
The equipment is the largest reachstacker in its product range
Voting process has been delayed until January 2020
In 2019, Western Europe remained the major white cement exporting region, followed by Eastern Europe…
The country was trying to tackle the cheaper imports from Iran
The new regulation will come into effect on December 3
The company will test its technology within a data infrastructure solution provided by its partner…
Revenues for the third quarter fell year-on-year
The two countries were surprised at the announcement
The port is expected to handle over four million tons of cargo in this period
Imports have increased from July to November
The government is keen on revamping the industry
Top stories from the previous week, from white cement consumption to top 22 million tons…
Several mines will be closing their doors by March 2020
The port will be able to accommodate larger vessels after the transformation
The company has reached an agreement with Steveco regarding the supply
In June 2018, the supreme court imposed limits on coal imported by Pakistan
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