Numbers revealed on the second anniversary of the construction of the Pilot Free Trade Zone
Farmers expect less volume compared with previous season
During the last 24 hours, the main Pakistani ports handled hundreds-tons of cargo
Capesize rates on September 28 continue to edge down
The adjustment results from negative margins
Latvian harvest season already contributed to million tons of shipments
Predictions come from Buenos Aires Cereal Exchange
On September 29, three more grain shipments left the ports of Chornomorsk and Yuzhny
Over 138 million tons of cereals were already harvested
The agreement is for the acquisition of Emerald Grain
The volume already shipped this month totals 2.37 million tons
100 percent of the crops are in good condition
In the advent of Navratri festivities, demand makes prices go up
The Pakistani ports handled hundreds of tons of cargo during the last 24 hours
On September 27 Capesize rates declined
The unit is able to receive cargo for storage and export
The Pakistani ports handled hundreds of tons of cargo during the last 48 hours
The iron ore terminal will be located in the Cocaia island
August soybean imports dropped 25 percent year-on-year
Prices are also expected to surpass the record for August 2022
Safeen Feeders and Invictus Investment have already signed a deal
The Baltic Exchange’s main sea freight index rose on Friday for the fourth consecutive week
Since the beginning of last August, 4.85 million tons of agricultural goods have left Ukrainian…
The Agriculture Credit Department of Bangladesh targets increments of wheat and maize production
The prices of wheat flour result from changes in Public Distribution System
The announcement came from the Ministry of Agroindustry of Argentina as part of September report
Sergey Lavrov alleged the United Nations have assured him of progress in lifting restrictions
In the first 7 months of the year, soybean imports to Vietnam increased in value
The company is selling its 74,020 deadweight dry bulk vessel
Total export value for the year could reach USD 1.7 billion
The crucial Pakistani ports handled thousands of tons of cargo during the last 24 hours
Prices expected to change with further development of global economic crisis
The fall in Chinese steel prices made profits lower
The lower index was influenced by decreases in Capesize and Panama rates
Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, inhibited from planting more soybeans this year
The crucial Pakistani ports handled hundreds-tons of cargo during the last 24 hours
The decrease is a result of the global economic recession
The expected rise will result from an increase in transit fees in 2023
In the first 8 months of the year the volume of soybeans rose considerably
Since buying more wheat from France, Morocco became its first soft wheat customer
This was mostly due to rises in the capesize and supramax vessel segments
Russian company is renewing its heavy equipment fleet
The index rose to more than a month-high across segments
Soybean prices increased in Brazil's main trading venues on September 20
Imported volume stood at more than 6 million tons
Karachi Port Trust handled 122,896 tons of cargo
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