Demand weakened but export conditions were positive
The Chinese cement industry is expected to recover strongly
Top stories from the previous week, including companies closing down operations in Latin America and…
Loadings have been affected due to shortage of manpower
The vessel will be delivered in the second half of the year
The company had a previous order of 12 ultramax at the shipyard
The government has approved the ministry of agriculture’s proposal
Over half of the country’s wheat demand is supplied by foreign shipments
Both coal and cement loadings decreased during this period
The harvest accelerated during the period and the exchange rate was favorable for exports
Most of the purchases are expected to come from the Black Sea region
The country had a record harvest of soybeans
The contract is for its Post-Panamax dry bulk m/v Alcmene
Quotas will be in place until July 1
Imports remained mostly unchanged, while exports plunged
The port recorded the highest yearly growth from all of India’s major ports
Turkey’s exports surge in first two months of the year
The equipment developed by the supplier will be part of Cimpor Global Holdings’ new project
At some stations, loadings more than doubled or tripled
Truck operations are still constrained around the country
Shareholders can receive a free hardcover copy of the report
Countries are increasing orders to stock-up on food staples
Handling of bulk cargo surpassed 100 million tons during the year
The government has banned exports of staple food products
The projects for the development of these vessels will be supported by the Far East…
The vessel was acquired from Interorient Shipmanagement
Revenues and adjusted EBITDA also increased from 2018 results
Argentina has tightened its logistics movement in order to curb the spread of COVID-19
Exports have lagged due to weakness in international trade
The measure is yet to be approved by the government
Two other dry barges are being built as part of the project
The company will continue coal transshipment for Eskom, exports could be affected
The company will be continuing operations despite restraints on global shipping caused by COVID-19 outbreak
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