Provisional duty implemented to protect local industry
Company is trying to expand present in Sumatra
Country was forced to import cement amid higher natural gas and electricity prices
Demolitions were at record low levels during the year
The company’s shipments declined year-on-year
The volume of bulk cargo transshipment improved year-on-year
Many long-term supply agreements are coming to an end
Companies say importation business would be rendered unprofitable by new tax
Number of new building orders has been declining
China and the EU acquired more Canadian grain during the year
Handling of bulk cargo fell year-on-year
The restrictions will be introduced on January 31
Handling of import and export cargo expanded during the year
The roads are being monitored on a daily basis to ensure safety
After the sale, Oldendorff will have 10 self-unloading vessels, with 2 new vessels on order
Cement export carried out on January 15
Cattle will likely have to eat supplementary feed into autumn
The tender will close on January 22
Stevedoring company processed less bulk cargo during the year
The trade war has had a subdued effect on the full year results
Orders for newbuilds have increased recently
Imports and exports contracted during the month
The last vessel for winter layup has arrived at the port
Purchases from Bangladesh expanded during the month
Transshipment of bulk cargo surged during the year
Handling of bulk cargo fell year-on-year
Exports fell due to maintenance and upgrade works
State boosts coal exports, breaks record set in 2016
The tariffs imposed by the US did not dent export volumes
The port’s handling of bulk cargo improved from 2017
Steelmakers have seen their profit margins drop during the year
Turkey’s flour millers are continuing their purchases of the grain despite price increases
Growth was registered in cargoes delivered for export through domestic ports
An industry body has recommended several measures to support steelmakers
Commodity will surpass iron ore in the current fiscal year
Transshipment of coal rose during the year
The new tariffs will be available starting January 15
Challenges to the industry remain afloat for the year ahead
The projection for export remains unchanged so far
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