The country wants to set up a new cement plant in order to improve its…
Clients are either cancelling orders or seeking repairs for delays
Orders received decreased mildly during the year
The new vessel is expected to be delivered in 2021
This is the second record the port has reached in 2020
Handling of grain cargo via this route surged strongly over the decade
The tax will be imposed on both domestically-produced and imported cement
The overall export duty for oil will decline when compared with February
Production is expected to continue growing over the next decade
The vessel was extended by over 20 meters
Decrease in ore shipments had a significant effect on volumes
The private terminal is only expected to begin operating in March
The company will be handling a bulker for mineral exports
The company’s operations in Australia were disrupted due to a tropical cyclone
The government is also studying the set-up of a similar duty on clinker
Companies are still optimistic about their business for 2020
Handling of bulk cargo rose year-on-year
Many types of bulk cargo are handled at these facilities
Exports are expected to surge in second quarter
The two countries have ratified a new trade deal
The port saw a rise in dry bulk cargo handling in 2019
The project is part of the Primorye-2 international transport corridor
Steel demand has been slowing down significantly
Front-quarter API 2 contract rose over USD 1
Company’s profits tanked in 2H2019
Nationwide coal imports surged to upwards of 20 million tons in November 2019
Handling of bulk cargo contracted year-on-year
Handling of bulk cargo fell year-on-year
The agreement concerns two ultramaxes and one kamsarmax
Part of the funds will be allocated to the cement terminal
Most deliveries in 2018 were shipped to China
Handling of bulk cargo declined year-on-year
The terminal has shipped a total of three million tons so far
Handling of metal at the port surged year-on-year
The company has funded the acquisition through refinancing of its capital structure, a new loan,…
The interested companies will have to submit their bids by February 17
Consolidated revenues nearly reached USD 30 million during the last quarter of the year
Handled cargo surged in the fourth quarter
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