Players in the construction market urge government to increase competition
The facilities are expected to be used for exports of cement and clinker
The terminal is part of a larger program to develop the Murmansk region’s transport hub
Handling of bulk cargo was halved year-on-year
Despite the record in volumes, revenues declined from 2017
The vessel was designed in collaboration with Japanese shipyards
Only lower grades will be allowed for export
Imports fell, while exports rose unexpectedly
Transport of coal or petcoke through the city would not be affected by this
China’s import restriction force country to look for new coal alternatives
Main exports market include Africa and Maghreb countries
The company added the improved cement processes to its equipment
Exporters have been leading possible buyers on a tour around the country’s supply chain
The companies have been increasing their exports to Asia
Global prices have been rallying due to concerns over supply
Goods imported into the territories via water will need to submit preliminary information
The repercussions of the changes in flow will be felt over the next few years
Manufactures of pellets want discouragement of exports of the material
The shipments will be concluded by November
They want the cargoes to be shipped in July until August
The dry bulk segment will likely see some changes after industry feedback is assessed
The company is reportedly in talks with Deloports for the acquisition
The industry is under pressure from cheaper imports, producers say
Country’s poor quality coking coal sites forces iron and steel producers to heavily rely on…
Company fossil fuel revenues to decrease in the near term
The companies are focusing on foreign markets as the domestic sector is going through headwinds
Thai rice exporters finding Chinese rice prices hard to beat
China turned to Australia for iron ore as Brazil still faces repercussions from the damn…
Transshipment of export cargo recorded a double-digit increase
Country fails to meet production target due to heavy rains and hailstorms
Project cargo increases point to company’s speed and efficiency
The joint dry bulk venture is willing to take in more partners
Stocks have risen back up despite past-week low
Unattractive export values stagnate sales
The country’s main supplier of thermal coal to continues to be Russia
Additional coal cargo will be arriving from the New Mangalore Port
The country has imposed severe customs duty on its neighbor
Demand for iron ore is being channeled to low-grade products
The fleet is readying future cargo deliveries to points of the Vilyui River
Elevator expanding farmers reach and creates new contracts with Ceres
Australian assets seem to be the most sure-fire target for CIL
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