The Baltic Dry Index rose by 179 points
Out of ten departures, eight were headed for China
Cargo turnover amounted to 55.52 thousand tons
Karachi Port and Port Qasim handled 150,066 and 171,119 tons of cargo, respectively
Export sales and concern other weather damage led to a rally in Chicago prices
It is the first domestic coal port to build the Beidou CORS system
The Baltic Dry Index rose by 62 points
Exports amounted to 4.14 million tons
Cargo turnover amounted to 589.74 thousand tons
Cargo turnover amounted to 2.15 million tons
Prices rose USD 11 to USD 235 per ton
The Greek company has sold the m/v Sideris GS
Coal demand from steam power plants is projected to significantly drop
The project will integrate one of the largest coal deposits in the world
The new installation efficiently solves coal loading issues
The Baltic Dry Index rose by 50 points
Arrivals amounted to 12.2 million metric tons of iron ore
Cargo turnover amounted to 4.65 million tons
Karachi Port and Port Qasim handled 136,923 and 132,442 tons of cargo, respectively
The company’s strategy ensures the timely delivery of wagons
The grain silo was the main entry point for food imports
Coal production in the state was already decreasing prior to the pandemic
Projects are located at the county’s Economic and Technological Development Zone
The Baltic Dry Index rose by 18 points
Freight turnover amounted to 1.54 million tons
The company ordered two 61,000 dwt ships at the yard
GASC is looking for wheat for shipment between November 21-30
The amount of cargo shipped fell by 1.77 million tons
So far, farmers have threshed 18.2 million tons of grains and pulses
The price of 12.5% protein content wheat rose by USD 11
The decision was reversed due to an expected decline in aluminium imports
In this new tender, an investment of PYG 55,712 million, or PYG 696,400 per ton,…
The largest market for Vietnam's cement is China
The manager said when local market allows, the company may export
The Baltic Dry Index rose by 2 points
The admnistration of the Soviet-Gavansky municipal district has invalidated the resolution
The company has placed orders with two Chinese shipyards
Karachi Port and Port Qasim handled 155,477 and 191,423 tons of cargo, respectively
The transaction covers 51 ships
The new facility aims for cleaner production levels of high-end products
About 75,000 tons of coal from Invest-Uglesbyt were transported
The deal aims to develop South Sumatra’s transport system and economy
Fluctuating global coal prices caused a decrease in domestic and export supply
The good's exports as of August 2020 have set a new record
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