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Jan 2019
Icebreaking entries on Gulf of Finland rise

Data for January 10-11


Jan 2019
Rosmorport changing tariffs for Dixon icebreaking services

The new prices are available since the start of the year


Jan 2019
Icebreaking entries on Gulf of Finland decrease

Data for January 8-9


Jan 2019
Icebreaking entries on Gulf of Finland

Data for January 7-8


Jan 2019
Port of Magadan receives new icebreaker

The vessel will be performing icebreaking services in the 2018-2019 winter navigation period  ...


Dec 2018
Port of Arkhangelsk imposing restrictions on icebreaking vessels

The new restrictions will be in place starting January 15


Dec 2018
New icebreaker vessel arrives at port of Rostov-on-Don

The vessel will provide escort services to three ports in the Azov Sea


Dec 2018
Ports in Gulf of Finland have ice breakers ready

Several vessels have been deployed since the beginning of the winter shipping season


Dec 2018
Port of Onega enters winter shipping season

The port will be paying icebreaking services to vessels  ...


Jan 2015
Last year's freeze generated losses for $705 million in the Great Lakes

About 92 percent of the Great Lakes’ surface was solid by March last year

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