In an exclusive interview with CemWeek, José Raul Gonzalez, Cementos Progreso CEO explained what has been the success of the company, talked about the main business and also the outlook for 2017.

Since always, Cementos Progreso has sought to maintain a strong commitment seeking the balance between economic growth, environmental sustainability and the social wellbeing.

Q: Cementos Progreso is a company with more than 118 years of history. How do you describe the role and the main focus of Cementos Progreso nowadays, as well as its positioning in the Central American manufacturing landscape?

A: Cementos Progreso will continue to work hard in positioning itself as the preferred provider of quality building materials in Central America.  In an era where choice and innovation matter more and more to the customers, we are making important improvements to become the supplier of choice. We are striving to provide our clients with a total solution to their needs.  

Additionally, true to the legacy of our founder, we have a strong commitment to faithfully carry forward all our operations in a sustainable manner, seeking a balance between economic growth, environmental sustainability and the social wellbeing of our employees and the communities where we operate.

We work hard every day to produce the best product and provide exceptional service, and to be a model corporate citizen, always acting ethically and responsively, aiming at building together the country in which all would like to live.


Read more of this exclusive interview in: Cem Week Magazine Issue 37



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