The Indian petcoke market sets its hopes on future infrastructure projects, as environmental challenges keep pushing prices down

High-sulfur and low-sulfur petcoke CFR prices have declined in India West Coast, between May and July 2017. According to CW Research’s India Petcoke CFR Price Assessment, high-sulfur petcoke prices dropped ten percent. CFR prices for low-sulfur petcoke suffered a quarterly decrease of over eight percent up to July, after a continuous rise since the start of the year that led them to surpass the USD 100 mark per ton by the end of May.

In July, high-sulfur CFR prices for petcoke traded at a premium of over 24 percent when compared to Richards Bay coal prices in a price per mmBTU perspective. Low-sulfur prices stood at a premium of 17 percent against the same benchmark. Coal prices rose, boosted by an increasing demand, whereas petcoke prices contracted.

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