As the economy continues to display signs of improvement, CW Research updates their 2H2017 forecasts on consumption and capacity volumes for the global and selected regional cement markets

Driven by North American, Asian (ex-China), and African markets, global cement consumption is poised to increase steadily through 2022. The positive evolution of the global economy is the foundation for some outperforming regions, whose short-term forecasts were revised upwards by CW Research. Meanwhile, global cement capacity is still projected to contract, according to the 2H2017 Update of the Global Cement Volumes Forecast Report.

Given the ongoing recovery in macroeconomic indices globally, as well as the stabilization of the Chinese economy, investments in intensive construction are boosting an increase in worldwide cement consumption. However, very slow, or a lack of, recovery in some major economies, like Brazil and Russia, are still negatively affecting the cement demand forecast for 2017 and 2018.

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