In the Mediterranean Basin region, the FOB prices for prompt deliveries of bulk ordinary Portland cement expanded when compared to the previous month, according to the CW Research’s October update of Mediterranean Basin cement and clinker prompt delivery cargo price assessment.

Export prices for bulk ordinary grade clinker in the region rose again from September to October.

“In Med Basin, cement businesses are starting to show signs of recovery. Prices in the region continue to be affected by high speculation in some markets, but over the next few months they are expected to stabilize,” said Raluca Cercel ,Senior Analyst with the CW Group’s European team.

CW Research’s October update to Mediterranean Basin Cement and Clinker price assessment report covers the latest happenings in the region’s trading situation.

Moreover, the monthly report also includes details about shipping indices of dry bulk tendency and its reasons as well as the latest trend in the bunker oil futures.

CW Research’s leading role in the global cement and clinker sector forms the underpinning for the monthly price assessment. Price points are based on the analyst team’s on-going discussions with cement traders, producers, exporters and other stakeholders in the business and reflect a synthesis of actual traded cargos.

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