In an exclusive interview to CemWeek Magazine, Ismail Bulut, CEO of the Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association, tackles issues such as the evolution of the organization’s role, the main challenges faced by the Turkish cement market, and how the progressive incorporation of alternative fuels in the cement production process is unfolding.

 Q: The Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association (TÇMB) plays a significant role in the industry. How do you characterize the evolution of TÇMB to date?

A: Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association was founded in 1957 by the industries manufacturing cement and other hydraulic binders. TÇMB, as the common voice of the cement industry, is fully acting under the rules of free market economy and is representing a total of 66 enterprises in Turkey, as 51 of them being integrated facilities and 15 cement mills. TÇMB provides common solutions to these enterprises for their research and development activities, analysis works, quality control, training services and executes common initiatives for legal and administrative regulations. As TÇMB, our main goal is raising the public awareness about the role of the Turkish cement industry in the development of the country.


Read the full interview in CemWeek Magazine 43

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