August 09, 2022

Global gray cement export prices to continue increasing in 3Q2022 amid geopolitical turmoil

The global CW price index for gray cement exports is expected to increase almost 2 percent quarter-on-quarter in 3Q2022 Russia is projected to see an increase of over 4 percent in gray cement FOB prices in the period North America and the Caribbean to lead global gray cement export prices
August 02, 2022

Cement ex-works prices to continue to increase due to spiking production costs in 3Q22

Cement ex-works prices are forecast to increase more than 20 percent in Russia and 14 percent in Kazakhstan, quarter-on-quarter in the 3Q Sub-Saharan Africa's ex-works prices to rise on a quarterly basis, due to an increase in Nigerian prices Asia ex-China ex-works prices to climb in 3Q boosted by increases in Indonesia and South Korea
July 25, 2022

"CO2 pipeline infrastructure is key to industrial decarbonisation" - Koen Coppenholle, CEO of CEMBUREAU

Carbon capture is the core technology for Europe's cement industry to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, according to Koen Coppenholle, CEO of the European Cement Association, CEMBUREAU. Research on carbon capture is progressing well, with pilot projects and demonstrations in the pipeline, but there are still many challenges to make it available at a commercial scale. One of these challenges, he says, regards the regulatory perspective is in terms of storage space. But, more importantly,…
July 19, 2022

Supply chain disruptions and geopolitical events drive cementitious products pricing in 2Q22

Gray cement exports are estimated to decrease by 3 percent quarter-on-quarter in 2Q2022 Turkey remains the top exporter of gray cement, holding almost 25 percent of the global market share in 1Q22 CW price index for gray cement in Eastern Europe and CIS to increase on the back of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and its reflection on production and transportation costs
July 06, 2022

"Concrete is not a problem, concrete is the solution" - Rick Bohan, Portland Cement Association

Cement is one of the most used materials and also one of the industries with the heaviest carbon footprints globally. For Rick Bohan, Senior Vice President of Sustainability for Portland Cement Association (PCA), it's also part of the solution towards carbon neutrality. Concrete can make buildings more energy efficient, roads more fuel efficient, and it can be repurposed, recycled and reused over time, he says. With a holistic approach to the construction supply chain, PCA…
June 28, 2022

FOB prices in the Mediterranean Basin and Persian Gulf increase in June

Cement export prices for bulk ordinary Portland cement both in the Mediterranean Basin and in the Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea regions registered an increase of almost 1 percent month-on-month Pakistan’s cement exports decline in May Cement sales in Spain and Saudi Arabia increase in May
June 07, 2022

India and Nigeria to lead global cement capacity additions in 2022

Capacity additions this year will be led by India and Nigeria, with the first seeing rising demand while the latter is benefiting from high oil prices Cement production capacity in China to decrease by 2026 Western Europe and North America's capacities to remain flat this year
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