International businesses hail from across the cement ecosystem

The World Cement Association continues to grow its diverse international membership, welcoming four new members who operate across the world in different areas of the global cement ecosystem.

West China Cement and South Korea’s Sampyo Cement represent combined annual production capacity of more than 40 million tpa cement, and more than 100 years of history and expertise to the Association.

Shanghai Cement Industry Association (SCIA) is a non-profit organisation that works to promote and strengthen the local cement industry, offering training, events and advice, as well as providing a valuable link between government and enterprise.

The fourth new member is Fives FCB, an industrial engineering firm based in France that for more than 50 years has designed and supplied machines, process equipment and production lines for the world’s largest industrials including the cement sector.

“We are delighted to welcome West China, Sampyo, Fives and SCIA, all of whom have distinctive experience and bring new capabilities to WCA,” said Vincent Lefebvre, World Cement Association Chairman. “As we work to address the key global challenges facing the cement industry, we need diverse insights and well-informed opinion from our members to guide our efforts and ensure we remain relevant and effective.

Many of WCA’s members will be joining senior leaders from across the global cement industry in China this year for the third annual WCA World Cement Conference, being held in Shanghai on September 9th-11th.

Registration is still open, and those interested are being warned to move quickly as the visa application process for China can take some time.

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