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The industry is expecting growth for 2019

The ministry has been issuing licenses to allow companies to export their products

Low cement prices affected the company’s performance

The company’s cement volumes rose during the year

The government is pushing for new large infrastructure projects


19 April 2019

Cement prices in Egypt, April 18

Cement prices for several Egyptian brands

19 April 2019

Hainan Free Trade Zone’s cement consumption rises in March

Number of new construction projects increased during the month

19 April 2019

Bolivian cement plant said to have enough raw materials to operate

The government commissioned two reports to rectify claims made

19 April 2019

US cement shipments rise in January

Texas was the leading cement producing state during the month

19 April 2019

Nigerian cement plant orders new LNG plant from Wärtsilä

The plant will fuel a new cement line at the plant

19 April 2019

Titan Cement International resubmits share exchange offer

The company wants to be listed in the Brussels exchange

19 April 2019

Caribbean Court of Justice to decrease cement import duty

The court has upheld a smaller regional tax

Mexico (January 2019)

Gray and White cement production and sales in Mexico 2019. Gray cement production in Mexico weakened 9.2% month-on-month in January, reaching 2,957...

Gray cement sales (tons)
Med Basin cement and clinker trade prices edge up in January

Heavy production costs are reflecting on higher prices

15 Jan
Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea cement and clinker FOB prices slip in December

Exporters remain hopeful that 2019 will bring about a better shipping year in the region

14 Dec
Med Basin cement and clinker trade prices inch down in December

The end of the year comes with the usual price discounts in cementitious commodities

14 Dec
Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea cement and clinker FOB prices slide in November

Major players are targeting new markets to keep up with their production quotas

20 Nov
Cement and clinker FOB prices in Med. Basin decline in November

Some key markets are suffering from oversupply due to high competition

20 Nov
Thermal coal prices tank across the world
Several factors contributing to collapse on coal prices
15 Apr
Cement prices drop in northern Pakistan
Manufacturers call for more support from the government
16 Apr
Cement prices in Egypt, April 15
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
16 Apr
Eurocement subsidiary shows production growth in first quarter
Maltsovsky Portland Cement’s clinker output rose year-on-year
16 Apr
Coal prices rise in China, April 12
Prices increased after four weeks flat
15 Apr
Ghana setting up new clinker factory
The factory is to be independent from the country’s power grid
16 Apr
DoE distributes funds for future coal technology
US federal agency is looking for near-zero carbon technologies for the coal sector
16 Apr
Brazil (February 2019)

Year-on-year, cement demand kept increasing in February in Brazil. Cement demand in Brazil decrease...

Poland (February 2019)

"   Cement production increased both month-on-month and year-on-year, posting a 31.0% MoM increa...

Colombia (February 2019)

Year-on-year, cement production kept increasing in February in Colombia. During the month, cement pr...

Brazil (March 2019)

Cement demand in Brazil weakened to 4,056,000 tons in March, down 0.4% from 4,074,000 tons in Februa...

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