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The government has signed a new agreement with Tajik Cement

The company failed to reach an agreement to keep partial operations running

The national currency depreciation has affected key product prices such as cement

Some companies were forced to switch to alternative fuels

A new warning was made against cartelization of the sector


25 June 2019

Shangfeng Cement to acquire large share of Ningxia Mengsheng Environmental Protection Technology

The company wants to promote co-processing in its plants

25 June 2019

Argentina: Cement demand drops in Santiago del Estero

Consumption in both bags and bulk fell in the first four months of the year

25 June 2019

Port of Vallcarca, Spain, dismounts existing cement silos

The silos were related to Cementos Portland Valderrivas’ administrative concession

25 June 2019

Cement demand in Spain rebounds in April

Demand has increased for the fourteenth month in a row

25 June 2019

Indian real estate developers call for lower tax rate on cement

Experts say this could help boost the sector

25 June 2019

LafargeHolcim subsidiary opens new plant in Cameroon

The company is aiming to recuperate some of its lost market share

25 June 2019

Argentinian researchers developing new cement mortar with added plastic

The new material could help reduce building costs

China (May 2019)

Year-on-year, cement production kept expanding in May in China. During the month, cement production rose both month-on-month and year-on-year, posting...

Cement production (tons)
Med Basin cement and clinker trade prices edge up in January

Heavy production costs are reflecting on higher prices

15 Jan
Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea cement and clinker FOB prices slip in December

Exporters remain hopeful that 2019 will bring about a better shipping year in the region

14 Dec
Med Basin cement and clinker trade prices inch down in December

The end of the year comes with the usual price discounts in cementitious commodities

14 Dec
Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea cement and clinker FOB prices slide in November

Major players are targeting new markets to keep up with their production quotas

20 Nov
Cement and clinker FOB prices in Med. Basin decline in November

Some key markets are suffering from oversupply due to high competition

20 Nov
China: Cement production rises in May
Demand remained high during the month
24 Jun
Cement prices in Egypt, June 21
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24 Jun
Semen Indonesia’s sales decline in May
Both export volumes and domestic sales slumped when compared to May 2018
24 Jun
Eagle Cement expects sales volume to expand in 2019
The company has been growing its capacity in the market
24 Jun
Malaysia’s cement manufacturers defend price rise
The companies offered to provide a discount to the government’s affordable housing program
24 Jun
Philippine cement manufacturers call for end of import safeguard
Importers said local manufacturers are still turning a profit despite the increase in inbound shipme
24 Jun
Livetouch International to increase cement production
The company, located in Zimbabwe, has been working under its capacity
24 Jun
Ukraine (April 2019)

Cement production continued to increase YoY in April in Ukraine. During the month, cement production...

Russian Federation (March 2019)

Year-on-year, cement production kept expanding in March in Russia. Cement production increased both ...

Lebanon (March 2019)

Year-on-year, cement sales kept declining in March in Lebanon. YTD, cement sales in Lebanon peaked ...

Indonesia (April 2019)

Cement demand in Indonesia strengthened 3.2% month-on-month in April, reaching 5,337,491 tons. Compa...

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