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The government has signed a new agreement with Tajik Cement

The company failed to reach an agreement to keep partial operations running

The national currency depreciation has affected key product prices such as cement

Some companies were forced to switch to alternative fuels

A new warning was made against cartelization of the sector


17 June 2019

Cement prices in Egypt, June 14

Cement prices for several Egyptian brands

17 June 2019

Hunan Conch Cement to expand limestone quarry

The company is launching studies into the project

17 June 2019

Cosco and Conch Logistics sign new cement shipping agreement

The companies will be developing a business together

17 June 2019

YTL Cement increases stake in Lafarge Malaysia

A large portion of minority shareholders agreed on sale price from mandatory offer

17 June 2019

Grupo Argos considers merger with Summit Materials

The company wants to increase its footprint across the United States

17 June 2019

Toura Cement likely to liquidate assets

The company had already suspended production but losses are great

17 June 2019

Qingtai Cement increases co-processing rate

Volumes of waste co-processing with clinker rise in January-April

United States (February 2019)

Portland cement shipments, including exports, in the United States fell 10.4% month-on-month in February, reaching 5,585,211 tons. Year-on-year, Portl...

Cement exports (tons)
Med Basin cement and clinker trade prices edge up in January

Heavy production costs are reflecting on higher prices

15 Jan
Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea cement and clinker FOB prices slip in December

Exporters remain hopeful that 2019 will bring about a better shipping year in the region

14 Dec
Med Basin cement and clinker trade prices inch down in December

The end of the year comes with the usual price discounts in cementitious commodities

14 Dec
Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea cement and clinker FOB prices slide in November

Major players are targeting new markets to keep up with their production quotas

20 Nov
Cement and clinker FOB prices in Med. Basin decline in November

Some key markets are suffering from oversupply due to high competition

20 Nov
Reconstruction programs to boost Iraq’s cement demand to over 30mn tons by 2024
Iraq’s cement consumption is forecast to increase to over 30 million tons by 2024, according to CW
14 Jun
Asia’s coal prices show some decreases despite rising demand
Asian coal prices have been under pressure during recent weeks
13 Jun
Cement prices in China begin declining as low-demand season kicks in
The rainy weather has depressed prices across several areas of the country
14 Jun
Cement prices in Egypt, June 13
Cement prices for several Egyptian brands
14 Jun
Votorantim installs new AI system
The company says that Project Spectrum has avoided BRL 1 million in losses
14 Jun
CSN Cimentos to build new cement plant in Brazil
The company is looking into the set-up of a new facility in the state of Paraná
14 Jun
Senegal (March 2019)

Year-on-year, cement production kept dropping in March in Senegal. In March, cement production in...

Poland (April 2019)

Year-on-year, cement production kept expanding in April in Poland. Cement production strengthened bo...

Mexico (March 2019)

Gray cement production in Mexico increased 21.9% month-on-month in March, reaching 3,502,799 tons. Y...

Greece (January 2019)

Cement production continued to drop YoY in January in Greece. YTD, cement production in Greece peak...

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