Leading global and multi-industry advisory, research and business intelligence boutique CW Group has successfully completed an advisory project supporting an international NGO in formulating a detailed assessment and understanding of opportunities in the global green construction materials sector.

The study framed the green building value chain, from raw materials to construction and demolition for a full perspective on the circular economy, evaluating the opportunity for enhancing the use of green construction, and strategic considerations including financial implications as well as compliance with ever stringent environmental regulations.

“In the process of executing this project, CW Group’s Advisory board reached out to its broad network of professionals across international, private and non-governmental institutions, simultaneously providing actionable insights both on a global as well as on a regional level,” adds Robert Madeira, Managing Director and Head of Research at CW Group.

Supported by CW Group’s extensive experience in both light- and heavy-side building materials, traditional and renewable power & energy, among many other fields of expertise, the study combined the Group’s multi-oriented approach to deliver a unique perspective on the increasingly pressing challenges and business opportunities presented by green construction and circular economy.


About CW Advisory

The Greenwich (Conn.), USA-headquartered CW Group is a leading advisory, research and business intelligence boutique with a global presence and a multi-industry orientation. CW Group is particularly recognized for its sector expertise in heavy-side building materials (cement), light-side building materials, traditional and renewable power & energy, petrochemicals, metals & mining, industrial minerals, industrial manufacturing, bulk cargo & shipping, among others. We have a strong functional capability, grounded in our methodical and quantitative philosophy, including due diligence, sourcing intelligence, feasibility studies and commodity forecasting.

As a highly specialized management consulting and M&A advisory branch, CW Advisory draws on decades of experience from leading management consulting firms, investment banks and industry companies to provide the highest caliber strategy development, M&A/transaction advisory, capability enhancement services for multiple industries and client segments.



For more information, placing an order, or inquiries, please contact Mihnea Manea, Media and Market Services Executive, CW Group, by phone at +40 723 281 704, or e-mail at [email protected].

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