The cement bagging equipment market size is estimated to remain largely stable by 2026, as a decline in new capacity additions, particularly in greenfield projects, contribute to a slowdown in the sector, according to CW Research's 2021 update of the World Cement Bag & Bagging Equipment Industry and Forecast.

New capacity additions through greenfield projects are likely to increasingly lose ground to brownfield projects over the next five years, as greenfield projects are expected to account for just 37 percent of overall new capacity additions, compared to almost 53 percent in 2016.

“The cement bagging equipment market is both dependent on demand and capacity, since an increase in demand may not result in new bagging projects if there is overcapacity in the market. In many key markets, overcapacity is absorbing the rising demand,” explains Prashant Singh, Associate Director at CW Group.


Chinese capacity reduction to slowdown global capacity growth

Over the past few years, the Chinese government has made a concerted effort to rationalize the overcapacity in the cement sector and to eliminate outdated cement plants by linking new capacity additions to old capacity elimination.

Cement capacity additions on a global level have faced a gradual decline in the past five years, driven by a steady decline in new projects for cement plants in China.

Outside China, driven by African and Asian countries, global capacity additions are likely to increase between 2021 and 2026.


Cement bagging industry to face decline by 2026

The cement bagging industry follows a similar trend to cement bagging equipment market. It is expected to see a slight decrease in its market size to 60 percent of the total cement bagging equipment market in the next five years.

The market for cement bags is more influenced by cement demand than by the existing capacity, but it is threatened by a shift from bagged to bulk cement.


Bag fillers to lead the cement bagging equipment market in the next five years

Segment-wise, bag fillers are expected to remain the largest segment within the cement bagging equipment market in the next five years, accounting for over 60 percent of the estimated total size.

The demand for automation created by rising labor costs and new safety regulations provides a growth platform for both palletizing and wrapping, which are expected to show a positive CAGR of 1 percent for the period between 2021 and 2026.



CW Group’s World Cement Bag & Bagging Equipment Industry and Forecast Report addresses important market dynamics and provides a five-year outlook for equipment used in the bagging of cement, including entire dispatch lines. The report provides a comprehensive view of this market segment, providing critical decision support information for cement and cement bag producers, kraft paper manufacturers, distributors, suppliers of bagging equipment and other stakeholders. The report explores demand for cement bags and related bagging equipment on a global as well as a regional basis. Additionally, shares for bag vs bulk distribution, market trends and packaging options (kraft paper, polypropylene etc.) are discussed together with an outlook for the industry.

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